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Best of Milan Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2020

Looking for the best of Milan Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2020? Then look no further, since it’s listed up here. Now that Milan Fashion Week has officially come to an end, it’s about time to summarize the best shows, trends and moments. Check them out below.

Best of Milan Fashion Week

Prada, Peter Pilotti, Gucci, N21, Jil Sander, Max Mara Bottega Veneta, Marni, Versace, and so on. The list of great designers showing at Milan Fashion Week is endless. However, there’s no need to feel overwhelmed after reading this list consisting solely of the best of Milan Fashion Week.

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1. Prada – An antidote to complexity

Keeping things easy must have come to mind when Miuccia Prada designed this collection. Prada’s beauty has always been in the details and the same holds for this collection. Its cleanness, simplicity and gentleness don’t make this collection boring at all. The ease and eye for detail make the garments scream sophistication.

Why is this our favorite look? Miuccia Prada likes to keep things simple, in a time in which we get overwhelmed by influencers and new collections on a daily basis.

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2. Max Mara – A piece that lasts a lifetime

Just like Miuccia Prada did, Lucie and Luke Meier know how to create a wardrobe that lasts forever. They stay away from any fuzz and complexity (not claiming that Jil Sander’s garments are simple) and created a timeless collection.

Why is this our favorite look? We love Jil Sander’s timelessness. With the tree looks below they add a big dosis of power to your everyday wardrobe.

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3. Fendi – Ethereal textures

There’s no doubt Fendi should be part of the best of Fashion Week list. There’s no better way to summerize this look than Fendi’s team did in its caption on Instagram: “Ethereal textures intertwine to trick the eye – shifting in weightless moments of #Fendi craftsmanship.” Amen.

Why is this our favorite look? This Fendi look contains adventurous textures and bold contradictions.

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4. Bottega Veneta – Deconstructed darkness

The best of Milan Fashion Week? Daniel Lee’s show for Bottega Veneta, without doubt. Bottega Veneta is becoming the new #oldceline, under direction of Daniel Lee, who formerly worked with Phoebe Philo at Céline.

Why is this our favorite look? This look has it all. The much-seen deconstruction trend, fierce sunglasses and square toes. While this sounds like an exaggerated outfit, it’s far from over-the-top.

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5. Versace – Jungle dress

The list of best of Milan Fashion Week wouldn’t be complete without the iconic Versace moment. Who would expect that Jeniffer Lopez would walk the runway for this hailed fashion house? While some might have, this moment marks a new moment in history. After so many years at the top, Donatella perfectly knows how to become front-page news. While it’s a show committed to Giani Versace, letting Bella Hadid be the focal star of the menswear show or getting J.Lo to walk the runway for your show. And then we haven’t even talked about what Donatella made Google do.

Why is this our favorite look? Besides this looks marks an iconic moment, Donatella Versace made Google invent Google Image search with this dress. Curious about what this means? Google it.

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6. MSGM – Atmosphere

MSGM showed hope, happiness and romanticism with its collection. Bright colors and craftsmanship perfectly melted together. With the show Atmosphere, MSGM celebrated its 10th birthday – and it was a great party indeed.

Why is this our favorite look? This look perfectly shows Massimo Giorgetti’s vision of the brand. It’s wearable, innovative and bright, attracting free spirits who seek for modern trends.

7. Gucci – A beautiful cliché of sexiness

Alessandro Michele would do something wrong if he wasn’t part of the best of Milan Fashion Week. Clearly he didn’t do something wrong – on the contrary, he gets a lot of things very right. Gucci announced to be more sustainable and started with a carbon neutral fashion show at Milan Fashion Week. Furthermore, the show kicked-off with some plain blank looks, depicting the “normative dress”, as dictated by society.

Why is this our favorite look? This look is very Gucci, while very different from earlier collections. The title “A beautiful cliché of sexiness” simply stole our hearts.

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