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Paris Fashion Week update #1 – Rokh, Maison Dior and Marine Serre

Paris Fashion Week Spring Summer 2020 has officially kicked-off. We are delighted to keep you posted on the best shows, promising designers and emerging trends. This update: Rokh, Maison Dior and Marine Serre.

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Paris Fashion Week

Paris Fashion Week is full of great designers and shows. Since its hard to stay up-to-date with its great amount of shows, we’re delighted to keep you posted. Check out the schedule of all fashion weeks here and the complete Paris Fashion Week schedule here.


Rok Hwang’s collection felt a bit like he was confused about the seasons and showed a Fall/Winter collection instead of a Spring/Summer one. However, Hwang knows how to stand out. He reinvented classic garments such as trench coats and put leather patches on surprising places.

The entire collection felt very ’90s. Hwang first saw New York women when he was only 10 years old. He remembers their fierceness, sharp suits and perfect trench coats. It was 1994. This memory has always had an impact on the young designer and therefore it was about time to base a collection on this treasurable moment.

The outcome is surprising and – above all – very Hwang. As part of Phoebe Philo’s team when she started at Céline, we expected nothing but fierce, minimalist and empowering outfits that come close to perfection.

Maison Dior

The first thing that comes to mind when seeing this show is “Little House on the Prairie”. The outfits look sweet, innocent and very country. Something we didn’t expect at first hand. However, we should’t be too short-sided when it comes to Maria Grazia Chiuri’s work for Dior, because this lady knows exactly what she does.

We expected to see new slogan T-shirts about feminism and sisterhood, but instead Chiuri treated us with slightly conservative outfits, with hints to the past. But how should we interpret this collection? Did Chiuri make her message clear enough with her previous shows? We don’t know. What we do know is that she makes clothes that empower women. And while this doesn’t immediately become clear when watching her new collection, we can at least conclude that this show brings women closer to nature with natural materials and hints to forests and flower fields.

At the end, Chiuri showed up wearing a “boyish” outfit. We’re looking for new hints.

Marine Serre

Marine Serre thought it would be a great idea to locate her show outdoors, close to nature. Despite the beautiful collection, the weather soon became recalcitrant. It led to a front row covered by umbrellas and a grey scenery.

Luckily, the all-black outfits soon were replaced by cheerfuller garments. Serre experimented with materials (leather versus flowing textiles), a lot of volume and layering. It results in an eclectic mix of clothes. Some outfits were very nonchalant, others were more fierce and sophisticated. As the show progressed, even some hippie influences passed the review.

Overall, Serre created a collection for the versatile life of a modern women. We can’t wait until the collection hits the stores.

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