tribute to magazine

Tribute to_ magazine celebrates fashion, art, culture, and other topics fitting into a modern lifestyle.

When founded in 2018, the aim was to tell stories about the events, people, culture, and other matters at the heart of the fashion and creative industry. It has stayed the same ever since. And so, through the years, Tribute to_ magazine (TTM) has proven that a deep interest in fashion doesn’t have to limit credibility. Hence, the articles serve the fashion-savvy looking for more than a pretty picture. TTM is about historical moments that define today’s world, crossing the borders of the fashion industry and tapping into everyday life. Because we believe the world can be viewed through the lens of fashion. After all, fashion and society have always been intertwined and will always be. 

From reviewing past and memorable fashion shows that reflect an essential era to traveling the world with suggestions from those in the know, we strive to solve the puzzle called life with thought-provoking formats. Articles featured on are written from an empowering perspective and should inspire the reader while contemplating the subject.


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