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Best of Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2020

Paris Fashion Week – fashion’s raison d’être – has officially come to an end. We saw inspiring shows, political messages and breath taking looks. We’ve listed the best ones below, so you don’t have to.

Best of Paris Fashion Week

We just experienced an exciting edition of Paris Fashion Week. The entire fashion industry has to change, and even designers started to notice this issue. There were roundtable meetings about climate change, both reused and upcycled collections, together with (not so) silent protests against the current political situations. Check out the best looks – including their messages – below.

1. Louis Vuitton – A new kind of dandyism

Like many others, Louis Vuitton’s Nicolas Ghesquière based his collection on the ’70s. Furthermore, the collection was inspired by contemporary artist Sophie’s song “It’s okay to cry”. In line with this, the entire collection was about creating freedom in many ways. For example, one could interpret it as the freedom to show your emotions to the outer world, the freedom many women have these days and the freedom that many still have to conquer.

Why is this our favorite look? Simply because it’s very fierce and empowering.

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2. Stella McCartney – Inspired by fierce women

Besides having created her most sustainable collection ever, Stella McCartney was inspired by fierce women, past present and future, who aren’t afraid to make the world their own. We couldn’t relate more to any collection than to this one. McCartney knows the important topics to anticipate on and does so very well – without making it too commercial.

The evening before her fashion show, she initiated a roundtable event about sustainability and the future of the fashion industry. It resulted in an inspiring conversation between those in the know. Hopefully, many others will follow’s McCartney’s direction.

Why is this our favorite look? White is the color of virgins, it’s somehow very untouchable and clean. However, Stella McCartney gave the color a new and fierce dimension with this outfit. It’s time to make the world our own.

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3. Chanel – Inspiring flashes of red

This show is the proof of a new era at Chanel. Despite that we miss Karl Lagerfeld everyday and his influence will persist for ages, Virginie Viard knows how to dress a modern and independent woman – maybe even better than Karl did.

Why is this our favorite look? It’s fresh, very Chanel, yet perfectly adapted to a modern woman. It symbolizes the great work by Virginie Viard.

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4. Alexander McQueen – Reworking the past

Sarah Burton knows how to innovate and build upon what matters in today’s society. She reused fabrics, patters and other materials from past collections. On top of that, Burton created the collection based on the right values. She wanted to create a feeling of togetherness and therefore asked Central Saint Martin students to help her with the designs. It resulted in a wonderful collection with hints to the precious history of the fashion label.

Why is this our favorite look? It’s panelled dress in ivory lace, tulle and washed organza with ruffle sleeves and hem. The fabric for this dress is reworked from materials from past collections. It’s symbolic for Burton’s vision and willpower to make McQueen a more sustainable brand, ready for the future.

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5. Balenciaga – The Campaigner outfit

Demna Gvasalia debuted a chilling collection spanning campaign dressing to exaggerated ball gowns. The best, tough, was the campaigner dress.

Why is this our favorite look? The campaign dresses, inspired by female politicians. Not only the collection formed a pasquinade on our society, the appearance of the models did as well. Boldly enlarged cheek bones and lips turned the event more or less into a modern freak show – exactly matching the current political climate.

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6. Loewe – Ethereal, poetic, and aristocratic

Jonathan Anderson described his collection as ethereal, poetic, and aristocratic. While this might sound like an exaggeration, it isn’t at all. Anderson is capable of perfectly blending old craftwork with innovative designers. His collection formed a new take on Loewe’s signature – which is very fashion forward.

Why is this our favorite look? Because it’s romantic, sweet and head turning. On top of this, Anderson creates garments with an excellent eye for detail and that last for years. Take this white slip dress for example. Once you tried it on, you’ll love it and cherish it for the rest of your life. If that isn’t sustainable, than what is?

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7. Rick Owens – Let all borders be open

Rick Owens isn’t afraid of sharing his opinion in public. Being raised in the United States by a Mexican immigrant mother, Owens emphasizes that it all wouldn’t have worked with borders. With which he clearly refers to the big wall that’s being built on behalf of Trump. Where some of Owens’ shows used to be very aggressive in the past, this show wasn’t in any sense.

Why is this our favorite look? This look was Owens’ first-ever ballgown. It’s extra special, because it’s all white, the color of peace. It depicts his silent protest against the current political climate.

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An inspiring edition of Paris Fashion Week

We can conclude this edition of Paris Fashion Week was very inspiring. Designers thought twice about their (sustainable) choices and shaped new directions for the future. As we all know that the fashion industry can’t go on like this for much longer, we’re glad to see that some big players start to make a change.