Gallery director Lucy Chadwick

Woman we admire: gallery director Lucy Chadwick and the importance of female creativity

Gallery director Lucy Chadwick is a tough cookie. The original British madame runs Gavin Brown’s Enterprise both in New York City and Rome, while traveling around the globe to run the business and to discover great artists. Read down below why we love this lady, who supports female creativity in all forms.
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Gallery director Lucy Chadwick

Gallery director Lucy Chadwick is a big name in the art scene. We think she deserves more fame globally, since she runs two wellknown galleries, has a terrific eye for aesthetics and is fun to have around.

The British Chadwick was born in a creative family. With an architect as dad and a fashion buyer as mom, she’s been surrounded by creativity since she was born. It doesn’t come as a surprise that Chadwick studied fine art at University of Oxford. As a student, she discovered she wasn’t the best at creating things. However, she truly loved to view the work of others.

Soon after Chadwick finished her study, she started to work at Tate Britain. A couple of years ago, the big boss of the gallery made her move to New York City, to take the job of gallery director for Gavin Brown’s Enterprise – like a true girlboss. Since then, she flies around the globe to visit art sales, attend fashion week – where she’s a beloved guest – and to close deals; because they won’t close themselves.

Moving from London to New York City was a big step, though. New York is way more fast paced than London – her home town. Sometimes, London felt too slow and dragging her ambition down. Since living in New York, she sees the beauty of it.

Perspective on art

Chadwick’s dad – architect – has always learned Chadwick to view things in a spatial way. Because of this, she’s always had an eye for the entire picture. Chadwick knows a lot about materials, how things are made and where they originate. This sense of curiosity and understanding of the world created by people in its broadest sense, has shaped her perspective on art. Her interest and fascination go deeper that just the pretty picture.

Importance of female creativity

As the above stated isn’t enough, we can call this lady a true feminist as well. In her role of gallery director, Lucy Chadwick has a preference for female artists. Furthermore, Chadwick thinks it’s very important to give a stage to underrepresented groups and artists. Why would you only make the big names bigger when there’s so much great (female) talent? Therefore, Chadwick wants to make Gavin Brown’s Enterprise as inclusive as possible, representing artists from any kind – because art is a language everyone understands.

Lucy Chadwick is well loved in the art industry – an industry dominated by men. With her kindness, eye for detail, inclusiveness and effortless sense of style, impresses everyone around her.

When it comes to fashion, she loves to support women as well. In an interview with Matches Fashion, she tells that she is simply drawn to garments designed by women. Not always on purpose, but 90% of her closet consists of female-made pieces. She currently loves Jil Sander, Simone Rocha and Gabriela Hearst, because of their ability to make you feel the best version of yourself, even during the worst off-day you can imagine.

A woman who supports women, that’s how we like it.

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