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Editor’s pick: the 6 biggest swimwear trends for this summer (and it’s not what you think)

Summer is on its way and therefore it’s time to look ahead to the biggest swimwear trends for our favorite season. This year’s trends are very different from their predecessors. Curious? Check them out below.
Cover photo: Bia Mayo on Unsplash

Swimwear trends summer 2019

What are the biggest swimwear trends of 2019? Let us help you out.

1. Modesty

Modesty is a trend we’ve seen for a few seasons now. Phoebe Philo knew exactly how to dress women feminine and modest at the same time. Don’t confuse modesty with minimalism. Modesty is about covering up the body, while minimalism is more a lifestyle and often consists of earth tones and other natural colors.

2. Sustainability

Fortunately, sustainable swimwear is on the rise. We can therefore call it a true trend, but hopefully it will become the new standard. Brands as Stella McCartney, Mara Hoffman and GANNI are among the leaders in the scene. We truly hope they make other labels follow soon.

3. Eighties

We love the eighties. Who doesn’t? The eighties have never been out of style (perhaps only during the nineties), which is proven by these babies. From bold color blocking to sporty spice-inspired pieces: there’s a lot to choose from.

4. Sporty

You don’t have to do triathlons to wear these sporty swim pieces, because they’re very happening at the moment. On top of this, these swimsuits are very useful when swimming in sea. No need to worry about nipple flips or losing your bikini briefs.

5. Overly dramatic

Big bows, bold colors and bombastic prints. These swimwear pieces are far from minimalistic and we love it. Don’t be afraid to make a statement at a pool party or beach club, because you definitely will.

6. Ultra sexy

Don’t view this as the opposite of the modesty trend. Ultra sexy doesn’t mean that you have to show all your skin. The new ultra sexy means that you show certain parts of your body, while covering others. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

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