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Best of Milan Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2020 – 2021

Looking for il migliore of Milan Fashion Week? Then it’s your lucky day, since we’ve made an extensive overview of the best shows that took place in the city of love during last fashion month. This is the best of Milan Fashion Week.
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Best of Paris Fashion Week

Now that Milan Fashion Week is over, we’re ready for Paris Fashion Week – but not without looking back at Milan’s best shows. Despite the fact that we had a blast, the coronavirus has been the overwhelming theme and talk of town. Let’s forget the virus for a moment, while taking a look at the best of Milan Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2020-2021.

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Jil Sander

Luke and Lucie Meier must have let the creative juices flow during their development of this collection. It was craftsmanship in its purest form. The duo combined Jil Sander’s signature sharp tailoring with raffia and other natural elements.

The Meiers even played with prints – something that’s unusual for the label. However, they still stay far, far away from unnecessary fuss. Two prints consisted of fish and virgins, hinting to Luke’s and Lucie’s signs. Fun fact: these two are opposites. Both the use of materials and the designer duo taught us that opposites actually do attract. In a very successful way. Check out the full report.


Prada’s show, themed SURREAL GLAMOUR, focused on that women can be strong and feminine at the same time. On Instagram, the fashion house explained: “For #PradaFW20, a consideration of the strength of women, an emphasis on an inherent authority found in that which is intrinsically feminine. Rather than a negation of identity, a celebration. The agency of women.

On the runway, this resulted into some antitheses. Miuccia Prada juxtaposed fringes and beads – two things she explains as “cliché femininity” – with ‘masculine’ garments, such as oversized blazers and bold shoulders. All looks confirmed some kind of coolness combined with a big dose of confidence.

However, adding a critical note, most women ‘in power’ don’t seem to care about fashion. At least they pretend. Why? Perhaps because a sense of glamour still isn’t appropriate when you’re in charge? Hopefully Prada can change the tide and let women be women, no matter their position. Check out the full report.


This season marked an important moment in fashion history: it was Versace’s first show in which both womenswear and menswear were shown together. Pre-show, Donatella Versace announced that her should would be full of “hyper-femininity” and “hyper-masculinity”. So far nothing new. Despite that Versace stays away from gender-fluidity and such, this show came close.

Since Versace’s acquisition by Michael Kors holdings, Versace’s collections have become more casual. A big surprise, for example, was the sportive sweater. However, Donatella juxtaposed it with super-tailored suits and belted waists.

Wondering whether she topped last season’s show? Well, the answer is no. However, she did a great job as several cameras were pointed towards the public. As a result, front row was confronted with… themselves. It was like an Instagram feed full of selfies, just like real life.

On top of this, Kendal Jenner wore the closing look. With a personality as Jenner, Jenny from the block is unnecessary, or isn’t she? Check out the full report.

Bottega Veneta

Between Daniel Lee’s last how and this one, he received four London’s Fashion Awards – more than any other designer has even won in a single time before. Being designer of the year and working for the brand of the year, we can imagine this puts some pressure upon one’s shoulders. Yesterday’s show was the perfect example of how Lee handles this sudden media attention and showed his incredible talent.

Last season everyone walked away with Veneta’s pouch bag, together with its strappy sandals. For this collection, Lee got inspired by the very beginning of the fashion house. “Everything was made so soft and subtle“, he said. Furthermore, his starting point was comfort, but in an elegant way. How could he otherwise dress his own generation – one for whom comfort is key?

Therefore, Lee built in some stretch to his collection. Literally. The result? Bottega Veneta as the coolest brand of this Fashion Week – or, even better – the world. Check out the full report.

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