best of london fashion week

Best of London Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2020

Looking for the best of London Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2020? Then look no further, since it’s listed up here. Now that London Fashion Week has officially come to an end, it’s about time to summarize the best shows, trends and moments. Check them out below.

Cover photo: © Unsplash

Best of London Fashion Week

The list of great designers showing at London Fashion Week is endless. Feeling overwhelmed? You won’t feel so any longer after reading this list with solely the best of the best of London Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2020.

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1. Jamie Wei Huang – Foolish fashion

Jamie Wei Huang secretly makes a fool of today’s fashion looks, but does it in a very sophisticated and witty way. Models looked like they just came out of bed, including a morning mood. However, Huang did this in a very decent and stylish way. High quality materials, great designs and an eye for detail were central to this collection.

Why is this our favorite look? This looks makes a fool of the average influencer, while keeping it cool. The see-through blouse slash blazer is a hint to our need to show it all on social media.

2. Matty Bovan – HOPE+FEAR

If you haven’t heard of Matty Bovan’s Spring/Summer 2020 collection, you might have lived under a rock. At the show, models wore feature-distorting rectangular lenses that made them look inhuman. After the show Bovan told that the models wearing these lenses couldn’t really see where they were going. It’s a striking metaphor for the short-sighted decisions made by British politicians lately. Check out the entire collection here.

Why is this our favorite look? This looks is without doubt the best of London Fashion Week. There’s no other look, collection or show that made such clear political references as Matty Bovan did. Hurray!

3. Sharon Wauchob – For the love of white

Sharon Wauchob truly belongs to the best of London Fashion Week. The creative mind behind her eponymous brand knows how to create a new sense of contemporary luxury. With her Spring/Summer 2020 collection she proved she deserves her place at London Fashion Week well.

Why is this our favorite look? This look is crips white, fierce and powerful. Wauchob perfectly blends different cultural influences into one ensemble – something many British politicians can learn from.

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4. Victoria Beckham – Dresses are a big story

We agree Vicky B, dresses are indeed a big story. While celebrating the 10th anniversary of her brand, Victoria Beckham knows how to position her fashion house more than ever. For this collection, Beckham used some expressive colors. The use of color is meant to express the wearer of the garment. When Beckham was younger and only wore black, she didn’t get why people hated that color so much. That was until she recently discovered that color does not only elevates people, but also flattens.

Why is this our favorite look? This look is greener than green. On Instagram, the caption for this look made it even more clear: “Dresses are a big story – in block colours which has a punch.” Let green be the punch in the face of everyone in 2020.

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5. Burberry – The evolution runway

Ricardo Tisci named his show the “Evolution”. It indeed formed an evolution for the rooted Burberry customer. With this collection, Tisci showed his modern approach to Burberry’s heritage. Classic Burberry trademarks were alternated by more experimental pieces. It was all in the details. Buttons of body suits were left opened and there even was a crystal-studded veil.

Why is this our favorite look? This look is very sophisticated, classic and very Burberry, while also very modern. It’s power dressing in person.

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