London Fashion Week

London Fashion Week update #3 – Victoria Beckham, Vivienne Westwood and Simone Rocha

London Fashion Week Spring Summer 2020 has officially kicked-off. We were delighted to keep you posted on the best shows, promising designers and emerging trends. This update: Vivienne Westwood, Victoria Beckham and Simone Rocha.

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London Fashion Week

London Fashion Week is full of great designers and shows. Since its hard to stay up-to-date with its great amount of shows, we’re delighted to keep you posted. Check out the entire schedule of all fashion weeks here and the complete London Fashion Week schedule here.

Vivienne Westwood

In case you missed it, Vivienne Westwood nails tailoring and proved herself with a Spring/Summer 2020 collection, shown at London Fashion Week. Westwood demonstrated she’s still the queen of fashion and will be so the upcoming years. Despite her age, Westwood exactly knows how to translate societal issues both to her creations and way of presenting them.

This season, Westwood choose not to have a regular show, but instead receiving the fashion incrowd in her Conduit Street showroom. Westwood is a woman of both words and deeds, with quotes such as “buy less”. The deed? The British designer cut back the total looks of her collection – 50% less for women and 32% less for men. According to her, we truly have to buy less, as the issue of overconsumption gets worse and worse.

The collection was an arty melting pot, with Pinocchio as central source of inspiration. References to Boris Johnson are very clear here. However, the speed date night was all about clothes, not about Westwood’s political preferences. Concerning the clothes, they were all made with eye for detail and of course solely traceable and sustainable materials were used. As said, Westwood is indeed a woman of both words and deeds.

Victoria Beckham

Happy birthday, VB! Victoria Beckham’s eponymous brand celebrated its 10th birthday with a bang. 10 years ago, Beckham was still the ex-Spice Girl slash wife of David Beckham, who thought she could make it in fashion. Well, she proved she definitely can. As VB belongs to the top designers of Great Britain, she can be put on the list with great names as Simone Rocha, Stella McCartney and Emilia Wickstead.

Hence, Vicky B has her own way of propagate femininity. For her anniversary collection, Beckham designed flowy dresses with a ’70s vibe. The use of color is meant to express the wearer of the garment. When Beckham was younger and only wore black, she didn’t get why people hated that color so much. That was until she recently discovered that color does not only elevates people, but also flattens. Color has a positive effect on confidence – and let confidence yet be the thing Victoria Beckham strives for with her collection. Go Vicky B.

Simone Rocha

Simone Rocha’s show at London Fashion Week can best be described by one single word: enchanting. Romantic dresses, mysterious looking models, a dark stage and references to her Irish roots made this collection stand out from others. While some looks were a little gothic, others were overly romantic or glamorous. Trapezoid volumes and eyelet-edged cuffs were some of the terrific details.

Rocha knows what she does. The collection was inspired on Irish wren-boys, who hunt and kill wrens on St. Stephen’s Day in Ireland. An peculiar choice. It’s Rocha’s way to bring some masculinity into the collection and to make clear that she acknowledges the existence of fear, anxiety and skewed power. Would this be a hint too Brexit as well? Whether it’s a hint or not and whatever the cultural message could’ve been, Rocha showed her personal power with an extraordinary collection.

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