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St. Petersburg Fashion Week – all you need to know

From 10-13 October, Saint Petersburg Fashion Week took place, under the patronage of Fashion Syndicate St. Petersburg, Famous designers, permanent residents and new names of the fashion industry presented their collections.

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St. Petersburg Fashion Week

Roman Efremov, founder of the Fashion Events Calendar project and president of the Fashion Week Association curated St. Petersburg Fashion Week. Before the shows, there was an educational program. This program was held in a format that allowed each guest to participate in discussions and receive answers to pivotal questions. The presentations dealt with issues such as product export technologies, features of the current situation in Russian retail, and business planning fundamentals for fashion brands. Furthermore, the panel elaborated on how to market new brands to Russian consumers.

Spring/Summer 2020 collections

One show at St. Petersburg Fashion Week that stood out from the rest was Milla Berillo’s. Fashion designer Ludmila Berillo developed her brand in 2011 and has been working on minimalistic collection since then. Her garments are supposed to feel like a ‘second skin’. Berillo think that clothes expose one’s character and therefore her pieces should have a sense of integrity and should be highly ergonomic. In line with this, Bernillo doesn’t own a store. Instead, everything is carefully made and crafted at Studio MILLA BERILLO, where consumers are free to visit.

Furthermore, Vladimir Bukhinnik presented a collection of students and graduates of Fresh Fashion Costume Design School – Institute Mod’Art International. PERE-PRO-PHENOMENONS was the collection of students, based on the fact that nothing remains the same – everything in the world changes every second. What was ready to appear a moment ago can be delayed until better times or appear in an entirely different form. The students’ thinking is in line with the way in which many fashion designers look at today’s world. During London Fashion week earlier this year, many prominent designers referred to the tense political climate and other current issues in the world. Since fashion students are future’s big names, we hope their message will be wide spread.

We collected the best looks of St. Petersburg Fashion Week below.

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