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How the FASHIONCLASH Festival supports the sustainable fashion industry

November’s first weekend is a special one, since its home to the 11th edition of the FASHIONCLASH Festival in Maastricht, The Netherlands. During this three-day festival more than 100 promising designers and artists will be presenting their work for the public.

Cover photo: © FASHIONCLASH Festival

fashionclash festival
© FASHIONCLASH Festival – Lonneke van deer Palen, Lisette Ros


We support independent designers and local organizations – of which FASHIONCLASH is one. FASHIONCLASH is an innovative and interdisciplinary platform for fashion and a worldwide network of emerging designers and artists. At November 1-3, the yearly FASHIONCLASH Festival takes place in Maastricht, The Netherlands. Curious about what to expect? Check it out below.


The FASHIONCLASH Festival consists of 3 parts: at first, you’ve got The ROUTE – a walking tour along inspiring expositions, lectures, talks and performances. Secondly, The SHOW program takes place on both Friday and Saturday night, where emerging talents show what they’ve got and how they will shape the future with their groundbreaking concepts. At last, The COMMUNITY DAY takes places on Sunday, with many (panel) talks on the current state of the fashion industry, as discussed by designers, experts and others in the know.

fashionclash festival
© FASHIONCLASH Festival – Berend Brus, Julius Thissen

Dress to Protest

During the event, the Dress to Protest is aimed at inspiring young fashion lovers. At past Dress to Protest workshops, participants created their own outfits including protest signs or slogans against the current state of Europe. Together with STUDIO EUROPA, FASHIONCLASH aims to letting young people participate in design workshops to bring people of different backgrounds together and let them discuss about the future of Europe. It uses fashion as an instrument to add something in the debate on political, humanistic and social issues.

Fashion Makes Sense Award

The Fashion Makes Sense Award is a returning prize for young and emerging fashion designers. While aiming to develop and support sustainable designers, the award show also raises awareness for sustainability related issues.

fashionclash festival
© FASHIONCLASH Festival – Ann Joy, Mads Studio, Sebastian Donath
fashionclash festival
© FASHIONCLASH Festival – FiVu, Aleksandar Savic

Check out the full program of FASHIONCLASH Festival here.