Pianist Iris Hond

Pianist Iris Hond – a dedicated musician who used to be homeless

The Dutch pianist Iris Hond started to play piano at only age 3 and got admitted to the Royal Conservatorium in The Hague at age 14. So far, her career has had a quick start and her talent is unprecedented. However, Iris Hond has travelled a bumpy road to get where she is right now. Ready her both impressive and heart-breaking story below.

How one person defined Iris’ teenage years – and life

Imagine you are three years old, enjoying playing the piano so much that you make up your own compositions. You keep on playing the piano until you get admitted to a prestigious Conservatorium at age 14. You move to a new city and start to live at a host family. Everything seems fine until one of your hosting parents abuses you. You decide you can’t live at their place anymore and, therefore, you wander around at the streets – and sleep there too. During daytime, you spend your days at school, practicing as long as possible, until you get kicked out. Then you sleep on the streets and meet other homeless people. Sometimes you manage to fool the guards and lock yourself up in a closet, to spend the night at the cold building and maybe practice some piano. Everything is better than sleeping outside.

This may sound like the start of a sad novel, unfortunately this is the true story of pianist Iris Hond – a 31-year-old successful pianist who has driven a bumpy road before she got where she is today. These days Iris Hond performs her newest show, with her latest album in the main role. She has learned more and more to digest her past and to move on to the future.

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Iris’ vision on how music connects people

Despite this, pianist Iris Hond keeps herself busy with the interesting connection music creates between people. She recently established a foundation with which she performs music for people who need it, at places where they usually don’t get in touch with music. Think for example of homeless shelters, prisons and hospitals.

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When Iris was homeless herself, she discovered how much homeless people help each other. During those months she played for some of her homeless friends and discovered the power of music. According to her, it has the ability to connect people and to bring back self-esteem to those who desperately search for it.

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About creativity and composing music

When Iris was 11 years old, a good friend of her died. Her father taught her how to use emotions to write music and turn them into something positive. That night was the particular night on which she wrote her first piece of music. She still plays this composition during every performance. Iris Hond discovered that every feeling could be transitioned into something beautiful.

The latter is very characteristic for this talented pianist. Despite her heavy youth, she managed to compose beautiful music and to squeeze out musical creativity even during the hardest parts of her life so far.

Listen to Iris Hond’s music on Spotify.


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