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Everything you need to know about Net Sustain – Net-a-Porter’s new sustainable section

As we all know, the fashion industry is unethical, unsustainable and polluting for the most part. However, over the last several years, young designers and small fashion brands are challenging traditional methods of production, reducing the environmental footprint and respecting labor conditions. Net-a-Porter couldn’t stay behind and launched its new platform Net Sustain, which is all about sustainable initiatives.
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Net Sustain

The luxury industry is joining the trend to reduce their impact on the environment. This year, luxury retailer Net-a-Porter has announced that they are launching Net Sustain, a new platform that highlights brands that positively respond to sustainability.

This new platform takes into account both human and animal welfare and will show the customer fashion and beauty brands that have the best practices and use eco friendly materials. The final two traits are “Considered Processes” – products made using environmentally conscious processes or technologies – and “Reducing Waste” – products and packaging that are made using upcycled materials.

Sustainable designers

Let’s take a closer look at the sustainable favorites of Net Sustain.


This Brazilian designer of handwoven basket bags also provides courses and workshops on skill development for artisans in Peru, Ecuador and Brazil.

Above: Woven tote and straw clutch

Stella McCartney

The British designer creates cruelty-free and organic pieces with innovative materials. Curious about her current direction? Then check out the story behind her latest collection.

Above: Wool trench coat and wool coat


The French fashion brand what sources its natural rubber from seringueiro communities in the Amazon rainforest.

Above: Rio Branco sneaker and Condor sneaker

Mother of Pearl

Recently the brand launched its special capsule collection together with BBC Earth, made by “peace silk” – a material that produced by silkworm cocoons, without killing the worm inside.

Above: satin biker jacket and Lola wide-legged pants

Mara Hoffman

Mara Hoffman is an American fashion designer, creating pieces from waste and recycled plastic with the use of sustainable materials for packaging and shipping as well.

Above: Augusta maxi dress and Manda jumpsuit

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