Chanel radically changes perspective with new sustainability plans

Under the name of Mission 1.5°, Chanel announced a set of new sustainability goals, in line with the Paris Agreement concerning global warming. With this new mission, the fashion house actively contributes to the aimed drop of world temperature with 1,5 degrees Celsius/33,8 degrees Fahrenheit.
Cover photo: © Unsplash

Chanel’s Mission 1.5°

Within Mission 1.5°, Chanel claimed that the company will lower its emissions with fifty percent (!) before 2030. Before 2025, the renowned fashion house aims to solely make use of sustainable energy. Its emissions in 2025 will be compensated by investments in research concerning this topic.

Andrea d’Avack, head of sustainability at Chanel, explains that they simply don’t want to have a step by step approach anymore. They want to make a big impact, as soon as possible.


Over the past years, sustainability has become more and more important at Chanel – and at the entire fashion industry. Last August, the fashion house was one of the 32 parties that signed the fashion pact. Furthermore, d’Avack explained they will rethink the way in which their renowned and fabulous fashion shows should take place in the future. Chanel’s Fall 2020 show, for example, was very extravagant but a lot less over the top than its previous ones. D’Avack explained she knows that shows are the places at which Chanel can show creativity and innovativeness. However, this has to be on a much more sustainable note.

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