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Men’s Fashion Week and Paris Couture Week canceled, more will follow

Did you belong to the group of people hoping to attend a fashion show this Summer? Then you have to be patient, since both Paris Haute Couture Week and Paris Men’s Fashion Week have been canceled. Rumor has it Milan will merge both Men’s and Women’s Fashion Week in September.
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Coronacrisis and Fashion Week

It’s nothing new that the coronacrisis hits hard – not only people, but also the economy. Earlier this week we wrote about the true cost of the coronavirus for the fashion industry. Back then, we didn’t even know whether Fashion Weeks would be canceled or not.

In a recent press release, France’s Fédération wrote: “In light of the spread of the COVID-19 epidemic worldwide, strong decisions are required to ensure the safety and health of houses, their employees, and everyone working in our industry.

A cancelation of plans seems like a great choice – one that would have been inescapable anyways. “The Fédération is actively working with its members on possible alternatives,” the letter concludes. The worldwide coronacrisis might lead to an accelerated change and shift within the fashion industry. Will we skip a season? Will the collections be sold anyways? For now, we can only guess.

Milan Fashion Week

On top of the latter, Milan Fashion Week is on the loose as well. The Camera Nazionale della Moda currently explores the possibilities concerning new digital formats. “We are working on new digital formats and new ways of encounter, in order to create a new storytelling on the days originally scheduled for the Milan Men’s Fashion Week: B2B and B2C platforms for the benefit of brands, luxury companies, and all the other players in the fashion industry,” says their press release. Virtual showrooms or digital runway shows could be some of the possibilities. However, one can only guess at this stage as well.

The fact is, however, that the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic might lead to quick changes in the fashion industry – and many others – that were much needed. Hopefully Fashion Week will remain as cool and happening as it has been over the past decades, but in a more sustainable and efficient way. Let it be the one positive outcome from this crisis.

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