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How to properly dress up for your conference call? 4 lessons to take care of

Conference calling is the new black: all around the world, everyone does it. In times like these, many of us are glad to have this one moment of contact with colleagues – even the annoying ones. Furthermore, it makes you get out of your pyjamas and dress up a little. But what to wear during your conference call? Lesson one: wear pants.
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Dressing up for your conference call

While it might sound easy, it may not. How many colleagues have you seen wearing bathrobes during a conference call? Or do you remember that awkward moment when your colleague had to get a document from the other room and suddenly realized he didn’t wear pants? We feel pity both for them and for you. Therefore, there are some lessons to learn. Check out our suggestions below.

1. Wear pants

How comfortable it may be to walk bare-legged through your house, always wear pants on days you have a conference call. Nothing more disturbing than a peachy booty on your screen – at least when it comes to your co-workers.

From left to right: Rick Owens, Safiyaa and Andersson Bell.

2. Hair accessories cover up unwashed hair

This quarantaine calls for some serious hair repair, meaning that it’s a great idea not to wash your hair every single day. Try to postpone it as long as possible. A big scrunchie or hair band will do the work.

From left to right: Fendi, Eugenia Kim and Missoni.

3. The bolder, the better

Brighten up both your own and colleagues’ day by wearing something bright, bold and beautiful. Every time you see yourself in the mirror, it’s like a ray of sunshine hits you.

From left to right: Marcia, De La Vali and Jacquemus.

4. Check tracksuits are your go-to

Chic tracksuits have always been one of our favorites, but they took back the lead of our wardrobes during quarantaine. Wear one which is comfortable AF and you’re good to go.

From left to right: Agolde, Agolde and Pushbutton.

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