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Why we should learn from Naomi Campbell in order to avoid any virus

As the crisis spreads around the world – hitting Europe and the US as well – there’s a lot we can learn from Naomi Campbell. And yes, we’re talking about her fear of contamination. Let’s take a look which precautionary measures to follow.
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Naomi Campbell

Naomi Campbell has recently been the star of many fashion shows and has reclaimed her top model status. On top of this, the model is also known for her fear of contamination. When traveling by plane, she always disinfects her entire seat, table, handrail, remote control and everything else she will possibly touch during her flight. A couple of months ago, Campbell’s video went viral and even became a meme.

More precautionary measures

Now that the shit hit the fan, Campbell – of course – has taken even more measures. Before her flight from LA to New York City, she took accupuncture in her ears, in order to reduce the chances of catching the dreaded virus. On Instagram she wrote: “We are all in the same boat. And we are to learn something from this. We absolutely are. Getting acupuncture needles in my ears as I prepare for my flight to NYC.

Before heading to LA, she took great precautionary measures as well, as seen on her Instagram feed. Naomi Campbell entered the airport fully dressed in a protective suits, including glasses, gloves and a mouth cap. Now it’s easy to say “Naomi is the biggest diva on earth“, but Campbell has a point. Everyone knows airplanes are breeding grounds for viruses, germs and other gross things. Furthermore, these are most likely to be passed on by people’s hands. So, the next time you take a flight, bus, train or other form of public transport: think of Naomi and follow her instructions.

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