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Brand we love – CAES, a sustainable and slow fashion brand you have to know

As life passes by in a fast pace, season after season and year after year, there still are brands that make you want to slow down. And we’re very thankful for that. CAES is such a brand, evoking relaxed feelings and reminding of easy Sundays spent with your loved ones. As soon as you know CAES, you won’t shop anywhere else for your perfect durable basics. We guarantee you’ll be hooked to its soft fabrics, powerful lines and timeless aesthetic.
Cover photo: © CAES


The fashion industry is known for its fast pace and seasonal items. The one moment something is in Vogue, the next it’s out. Fashion designer Helen de Kluiver thought it was about time for things to change.

After working as a fashion designer for many years, De Kluiver felt the need to create something new. Something that wouldn’t go with the – fast paced – flow. She didn’t want to create multiple large collections a year. Instead, she wished to focus on quality and eye for detail. To accomplish these desires, De Kluiver started a search for high quality production plants in Europe. Soon after, she founded CAES – a timeless and slow fashion brand ignoring seasonality and trends, created by European craftsmen who share a passion for quality and great design.


CAES designs are known for the fact that they can be worn season after season. With this in mind, CAES’s De Kluiver has a straightforward – but not so commonly used – starting point for her designs. According to her, a piece of clothing is like a case wrapped around the body. She therefore chooses each fabric with care and consideration, aiming it to last endlessly.

The collection

CAES’s first ‘Edition’ is small, but it immediately feels like a perfect start for a fresh and timeless wardrobe. The first product drops consist – among others – of a classic black dress, the perfect timeless sweater and a quirky asymmetrical skirt.

These items aren’t part of a ‘collection’, but are rather called ‘editions’ – emphasizing the absence of seasonality.

The limitedness of the styles mean that every piece receives high attention to ensure quality and fit: clothing essentials to be rediscovered season after season.

After all, fashion doesn’t have to be fast or seasonal.

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