fashion trends of 2020

Preview: these will be the biggest fashion trends of 2020

With Thanksgiving and Christmas around the corner, we’re looking forward to the biggest fashion trends of 2020. From political influences to the XL-shopper: we created a list based on The Lyst‘s predictions.

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Fashion trends of 2020

As the end of 2019 comes closer, Lyst published its yearly ‘Year in Fashion’ report. Based on Lyst’s data of 2019, the biggest fashion trends of 2020 can be derived as well. We listed them below.

1. Space age

2020 will be the year of missions to Mars, testing the reusable SpaceX rocket and the reveal of many new spaceships. We already saw some hints to space age at the Spring/Summer 2020 collections. At Virgil Abloh’s Off-White show, the voice of Dr. Mae C. Jemison filled the room. Jemison was the first black woman to travel in space.

2. Harajuku

The Olympic and Paralympic games will take place in Tokyo, Japan. With the rising popularity of Japan and its culture, we expect some harajuku vibes to enter the runway next year.

3. Maxi bags

Big, bigger, biggest will be the credo when it comes to bags. We’re still recovering from last year’s tiny bag trend. Needless to say, we’re looking forward to the next accessory trend. And believe us, bags will only getting bigger and bigger.

4. Political messages and statements

During the past fashion shows, we couldn’t escape from the double meaning behind the new collections. Especially at London Fashion Week, where (of course) Brexit was the talk of town. Amongst others, Vivienne Westwood referred to Boris Johnson in the form of Pinocchio. Not quite subtle if you ask us.

In 2020, the political focus will shift to the United States, when the presidential elections take place. We expect many statements to be made, which is a good thing. According to us, fashion and art can’t be used enough to make statements. We’re excited for what the future will bring.

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