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Tokyo Fashion Week – lessons to learn from Tokyo’s street style

One thing is for sure: Tokyo’s street style during Tokyo Fashion Week never disappoints. Looking at other Fashion Week’s from around the world, Tokyo’s streets are filled with the boldest looks and most extravagant style. Check out the best looks below.

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Tokyo Fashion Week

The Japanese fashion incrowd never disappoints. They seem to have endless wardrobes and endless inspiration. While Tokyo Fashion Week is home to many great shows and draws stylists, editors and other fashion victims from all over the world, Tokyo’s locals are the most experimental when it comes to fashion.

Lessons to learn from Japanese street style

Jil Sander’s Mario Sorrenti drew inspiration from Japan for Jil Sander’s latest collection. Sorrenti went on a trip to Japan and shot his Summer campaign there. Where Sorrenti got inspired by the country’s calmness and elegance, the average Japanese street style look is anything but calm. Despite this, there are some lessons to learn from the Japanese fashion incrowd.

1. Combine whatever you like

From clashing patterns to color clocking: combine whatever you like. Colors or styles that might seem to clash, often work out very well when combined right. On top of this, many locals at Tokyo Fashion Week showed that it’s okay to combine different styles. Who said preppy and streetwear don’t look great together? We don’t know, but at least it wasn’t a Tokyo fashion girl.

2. There are no rules

In line with the first lesson: there. are. no. rules. Just keep that in mind. Statement-making colors can be combined with similar bright hues as well as with their pastel counterparts. Trends aren’t that important, while a personal style is even more. Looking at people’s hairstyles, bright-colored hair, flowerpot hairstyles and an overload of hair accessories perfectly blended together at the streets of Tokyo.

Furthermore, Harajuku, preppy, streetwear, athleisure and many other styles were combined. The conclusion: make it clash and it’ll work.

3. Don’t be afraid of color

Besides bold prints and crazy haircuts, use some color as well. Tokyo Fashion Week turns Tokyo’s streets into a color-clashing rainbow. Wearing bright colors elevates your mood, too. So leave that little black dress behind and go bold.

4. Be creative

This lesson summarizes all others stated above. Be creative and be you. Don’t care about what others think, because you simply look gorgeous.

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