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Fashion news week 27 – Yeezy’s collab, Valentino’s partnership, Chanel’s latest drop and more

Looking for the latest fashion news? In this weekly section we provide you with the latest product drops, brand collaborations, fashion week news and other important topics you should know about. Today: week 27 including H&M’s seond-hand shop, Chanel’s accessories, Milan Fashion Week news, Valentino’s partnership and Kanye West’s deal with retailer GAP.
Cover photo: © FASHIONCLASH Festival

1. H&M’s first second-hand shop opens

Sellpy, H&M’s very first second-hand shop opened this week in Germany. Counting on more conscious and sustainable shoppers, H&M Group heavily invested in Sellpy in 2015. After a successful launch in 2015, Germany is the next market to conquer. Sellpy’s concept differs from others, since they collect clothes from the sellers’ places, photograph the items and also take care of shipment. H&M has high expectations from Sellpy, since the platform has sold over six million items during the past six years.

2. CHANEL’s Fall/Winter 2020 accessory collection

A very simple, very pure momentum. Romanticism but without any flourishes. Emotions but without any frills,” explains Virginie Viard in a press statement. “Movement, air… For the runway show, no frame. I don’t like framing.” Freedom, energy, desire for the absolute. Gabrielle Chanel – always – whose racehorse was called ‘Romantica’, the film Les Biches by Chabrol for his Parisiennes who are as feminine as they are amazones, and a photo of Karl Lagerfeld wearing a striped suit with riding boots.
For this CHANEL Fall-Winter 2020/21 Ready-to-Wear collection, “almost no dresses, just casaques (jockey silks). Jodhpurs that open over seven-league boots, a nod to those belonging to Karl. For the first time there are press studs on the suits for a more lively gesture,” continues Viard. Lots of black and white. Just a few touches of pale green and the emblematic pink of the House. A softness. An outline, punctured with imposing jewellery.

3. Milan Fashion Week September 2020

After an online event and several speculations about future editions, Milan Fashion Week’s September edition is announced. And against popular belief, it will take place physically – following Paris Fashion Week’s earlier announcement.

4. Valentino’s partnership

Earlier today Valentino announced a partnership with Nick Knight to host a huge haute couture experience together. On July 21st, the event will take place at Rome’s Cinecettà film stage, which has been home to Chanel and Moschino shows in the past. During Paris Fashion Week’s online event from July 6–8, Valentino will show a sneak preview of its collaboration. In an interview System Magazine, Pierpaolo Piccioli said “I think that there is a need for a new radicalism, for taking precise stands and offering clear perspectives, unequivocal points of view.” Would it be a hint towards his next collaboration? We can only guess.

5. Kanye West’s latest Yeezy drop

BIG fashion news: Kanye West signed a deal with GAP and will soon launch an entirely new Yeezy Gap Apparel Line. And if you expect a one-time collection, you’re wrong. West signed a ten-year contract (!) with the big fashion retailer. The new line, called YZY, will launch with a navy blue box. In a press statement, the board says the following: “Gap and Yeezy benefit as the business grows, with Yeezy receiving royalties and potential equity related to sales achievement.” YZY will hit stores in 2021.

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