Brand we love – LILAY YUZGULEN gives a new dimension to ‘modest stunners’

As life passes by in a fast pace, season after season and year after year, there still are brands that make you want to slow down. And we’re very thankful for that. LILAY YUZGULEN is such a brand. As soon as you know LILAY YUZGULEN, you won’t shop anywhere else for eccentric yet trend-defeating pieces. We guarantee you’ll be hooked to the surprising details, powerful lines and timeless aesthetic.
Cover photo: © LILAY YUZGULEN


The Olsen twins have always known that modest fashion is here to stay. With their label The Row, they created an answer to the high demand for more covering and timeless items. At Céline, Phoebe Philo did do a similar job, while keeping it feminine. It’s always exciting when discovering a new brand that exactly captures a spirit like those of the aforementioned brands. LILAY YUZGULEN is such a treasure, redefining the term ‘modest stunner’ with her first product drop.

Designer and creative director Lilay Yuzgulen felt the need to create things that would last for a lifetime. Items that outlast trends, without being boring or too basic. With this in mind, she developed her eponymous brand.

The label puts a focus on single key items, instead of focusing on collections. Her ‘product drops’ range from accessories to fashion items and interior objects. According to Yuzgulen, we live in an era that puts an emphasis on the mere value of focus. Designing a single key item is therefore the starting point of her brand. It’s not only more sustainable, but also empowers throughout trends and phases. First drop: handbag FAYE.

Handbag FAYE

Earlier we wrote about this season’s biggest street style trends. Handbag FAYE was one of them. However, it’s a shortcoming to call this item an it-bag due of its timelessness.

Likewise, FAYE reconfigures traditional handbags with modern idiosyncrasies, making it a clever take on a modern handbag. Due to its fresh design, it adds a quirky cool to the wearer, without outshining her. Fun fact: the top handle is inspired by the chew bone from her little dog Balthazar.

FAYE is designed in Amsterdam and handmade in Italy on a small scale using only the highest quality materials. The brand produces at high efficiency by combining residual materials as much as possible. And luckily for us, FAYE marks just the beginning of this incredible brand. During the upcoming years, Yuzgulen will create a portfolio of timeless yet remarkable pieces, varying from fashion, accessories and interior items. According to her, everything is possible. Mary-Kate and Ashley, eat your hearts out.

To get an idea of this new and fresh label, check out the images below. To be continued.

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