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Getty Museum challenges people to recreate famous art pieces and it’s all you need now

Now that everyone has to stay at home due to the worldwide COVID-19 crisis, people get creative. Getty Museum thought it would be nice to use this creativity and challenge those who stay at home with an art challenge. The concept? Pick an artwork and replicate it at home. Challenge accepted.
Cover photo: © Unsplash

Getty Museum

The Los Angeles based Getty Museum aims to share art with as many people as possible at the moment. Based on an earlier challenge by the unimaginable popular account @tussenkunstenquarantaine. The challenge was threefold:

Soon after, the Tweet went viral and many (bored) people responded from their homes. Let’s take a look at the best exemplars.

Hence, we have to share some of our favorites of the original account as well:

Join these challenges by sharing your photo on Instagram or Twitter and tag @gettymuseum or @tussenkunstenquarantaine.

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