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Fashion month’s 6 biggest street style trends for Fall 2020

Fashion month has closed with a bang. And while Fashion Weeks have been dictating trends for over more than a decade, street style trends haven’t. The past fifteen years have changed this phenomenon, just like the arrival of the internet has changed our lives in many ways. Likewise, street style trends have become a big part of many Fashion Weeks. Since people on the streets wear items that already hit the stores, these styles are almost as important as what happened on the runways. Let’s take a look at the six biggest street style trends of this season.
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Street style trends

While designers don’t desire to create new trends every season, trends as seen on the streets are usually marked by a certain amount of it-items. Vetements, Balenciaga and Louis Vuitton all have these type of it-items in common. Now let’s take a look at Fall 2020’s top pieces that are already available.

1. Chunky bags

While chunky bags have never been out of style, we’ve seen many of them. The chunky bag has reclaimed its lead role within the fashion industry. One exemplar that was present at every city, was LILAY YUZGULEN’S handbag FAYE. This bag perfectly blends with every outfit, without outshining the wearer. Therefore, we declare this one the item of the season – or, even better, of the upcoming years. Timelessness defeats trends, which is proven by this bag.

2. Beige all the way

Despite that the color of the year is classic blue, beige predominated the streets during fashion month. From suits, to matching pieces to ton sur ton: everything worked out well.

3. Knee-high boots

The baggy knee-high boot has definitely made its comeback. With high heels, chunky soles, pointy toes or laces: everything is possible. Wear them with your pants tucked in and you’re good to go.

4. Head-to-toe leather

Both leather and faux leather have been a big hit during the last seasons – and it won’t be different during the upcoming ones. On the runway, Mugler taught the fashion crowd how versatile this material can be. On the streets, influencers did as well. Leather might not be very vegan friendly, but the faux options are. Be aware to buy high quality items and check the base materials, to make sure you buy an eco-friendly exemplar.

5. All white

Just like beige, all-white outfits are a big hit as well. Mix and match off-white with crisp white items for a stubborn yet fashionable look.

6. Puffed everything

Who said a puffer jacket is the only thing that can be puffy? After the huge success of Bottega Veneta’s puffy Cassete Bag (see below), many other brands followed. We’ve seen puffer shoes, pants, bags and more.

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