bottega veneta shoes

Bottega Veneta shoes or instant ramen? That’s the question

In its pre-fall 2020 collection, there’s one pair of Bottega Veneta shoes that makes us wonder what Daniel Lee must have thought while designing them.

Cover photo: © Unsplash

Bottega Veneta shoes

We already dedicated an article to the comeback of the awkward shoe. Hence, Bottega Veneta’s Daniel Lee created a pair that definitely should be on this list.

After the huge success of the square toed mules and strappy sandals, we doubt whether this will overcome these sandals as well. Lee knows what he does and evoked many trends during the last year. According to The Lyst, Bottega Veneta’s quilted shoe was the most sought-after women’s fashion item since its launch.

However, on Instagram, Diet Prada compared Lee’s latest creation to instant ramen. We have to admit, the similarities are very clear.

Other weird shoes

Hence, this isn’t the only weird shoe Daniel Lee created for Bottega Veneta. Earlier this year, he launched long toed shoes. But Lee isn’t the only one. We’re sure you know Maison Margiela’s classic one-toed Tabi Boot, still worn by many. Or do you remember this year’s dolphin shoes by Thom Browne? They were simply too complicated to walk on.

Is it just another PR stunt or do designers truly put their hearts and souls into these designs? We’re not sure. At least it’s very amusing.

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