Namelazz – the Russian designer brand that charms the fashion world

The Russian designer Kristina Khasyanzhina, the founder of Namelazz, has recently become a celebrity in Russian women’s clothing. With its feminine design, Namelazz captures an audience around the world. As you may understand, we were forced to delve into the Russian fashion industry.

This article is written by Svetlana Yakunina
Cover photo: © Unsplash


To call your brand ‘nameless’, you have to be ballsy. And so was Kristina Khasyanzhina, founder of the brand. She explains: “Initially, we did not want the clothes we produce to be associated with the name of the founder. Our dresses must speak for themselves.

The concept of Namelazz is simple. It’s formed through the image of its customers – elegant, feminine and sophisticated women. The bends and lines of the female body are insanely inspiring, and the brand aims to emphasize these.

DNA of the brand

The key models are dress-corsets, which form the DNA of the brand, as well as trouser suits, banana pants and other dresses. Namelazz is a lifesaver for all special occasions and will perfectly match with those who like to be elegant. Luxurious dresses and amazing trouser suits, a perfect fit and cut that can turn any girl into a queen. This is definitely a wow.

Brand on a mission

Namelazz started its journey just a few years ago, in 2017. In just a year and a half, they opened two brick and mortar stores in Moscow and Yekaterinburg, launched an e-commerce website.

With a small studio in Yekaterinburg, Namelazz’s clothes are created by a small design team. When the team sketched and designed a piece, they first develop a ‘draft’ in their own studio. When every detail and part of the garment are finalized, they make it ready for production. With a small – but expanding – team, they put the maximal possible effort in every piece. It’s something you immediately experience when wearing one of Namelazz’s dresses. They’re soft, light and you feel that its made with care.

We can’t deny, this is a brand to keep an eye on.

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