biggest fashion trends of 2019

The year in fashion – the biggest trends of 2019

The first decade of the 21st century has almost come to an end. Before gettin emotional, we would like to shed light on the biggest trends of 2019. According to The Year in Fashion from the Lyst, inclusivity, sustainability and romanticism were hot topics. So far, so good. Let’s take a trip down memory lane.

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Biggest trends of 2019

The year has almost come to an end, and therefore it’s time to look back at the biggest fashion trends of 2019. What roles played inclusivity, diversity, sustainability and tailoring in the fashion industry? Discover it below.

1. Inclusivity

The industry’s lack of diversity and inclusivity has finally cut back during 2019. According to Lyst, the search for modest and adaptable fashion rose with more than 80%. Furthermore, genderless and gender neutral items were hotter than ever. Nowadays, consumers look for designers who reflect their values. Fashion retailers like H&M and Zara made many statements concerning their sustainability and diversity strategies for the next years. With today’s woke consumers, they have no choice.

2. Sustainability

Hurray, sustainable fashion is one the rise. While recycled plastics won’t save our planet (check out why), consumers demand more transparent sustainable actions from their preferred brands. With highly increased online searches for sustainable brands, we can say it was one of the biggest trends of 2019. Hopefully, it’ll be more than a mere trend.

3. Romanticism

Beaded bags, pearls, diamonds and a lot of pink: this year’s fashion was romantic AF. Despite the political turbulence, consumers found their perfect hide-away in romantic accessories.

4. Psychedelic fashion

Tie-dye has made its comeback and formed one of the biggest fashion trends of 2019. Like it or not, this hippie-chic look got embraced by many, from Proenza Shouler to the ever preppy Ralph Lauren. We can’t deny this trend’s popularity.

5. Workwear

In a political turbulent year as 2019, people used fashion for survival. Both cargo pants and utility vests gained popularity and were part of many collections.

6. Revival of the ’90s

Square toed heels, crop tops and slip dresses dominated the streets during every Fashion Week. On top of that, big fashion houses like Gucci and Max Mara clearly referred to the ’90s with their Spring/Summer 2020 collections.

7. Streetwear all the way

Streetwear has defined the new definition of luxury. As the daily tenue gets more and more relaxed, streetwear’s peak hasn’t ended yet. On average, consumers spent almost 200 dollars on a pair of sneakers and Off-White was the most popular brand.

8. Tailoring

On the contrary, tailoring became more popular as well. Especially for women, who searched for oversized blazers and short suits. Scandinavian women have embraced this relaxed look mostly, influencing the rest of the world.

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