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Why Bottega Veneta’s Issue 01 featuring Missy Elliott perfectly fits within the spirit of times

We just recovered from Bottega Veneta’s sudden disappearance of social media. Luckily for everyone, this gaping hole is filled with something new: Bottega Veneta’s very first online journal, named Issue 01, featuring the iconic Missy Elliott. While it may seem progressive at first sight, it’s actually kind of a safe bet. Discover why.
Cover photo: Courtesy of Bottega Veneta

Bottega Veneta Issue 01

A wave of wonder hit the fashion industry when Bottega Veneta’s suddenly deleted its social media accounts. Under the helm of creative director, it didn’t come as a surprise. With Phoebe Philo as his former mentor at Celine, his move was in line with expectations.

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Three months after its digital withdrawal, Bottega Veneta re-enters the digital realm. Last week the label launched a digital magazine including some trippy imagery. References to Teletubbies were easily made. Issue 01 of Issue corresponds with Daniel Lee’s exclusive and privately held Salon 01 show, earlier this year. A quick look at the URL journal reveals a deeper dive into the collection. Lee gave free play to some of fashion’s foremost photographers and creatives in order to compose a surprising and original content. Elaine Constantine therefore created a trippy images with Bottega Veneta’s signature square toe shoe as a huge hedge, while fashion mogul Barbara Hulanicki created a gif. Other contributing creatives include Tyler Mitchell, Kelsey Lu and Tyrone Lebon.

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Missy Elliott

Above all, Missy Elliot is the absolute star of the campaign. While it may feel unexpected to use the queen of hip hop for a campaign like this, it actually isn’t. Looking at the past year, we’ve all been copying Elliot’s style: our WFH attires mostly consisted of joggers, oversized hoodies and flashy sneakers. Now that beauty salons have re-opened, people massively engage in perfectly shaped brows and over the top nails – emphasizing a craving for glamour. Therefore, no one else than Missy Elliott perfectly fits our zeitgeist. And as always, Bottega Veneta’s Lee is spot on.

Check out the entire issue.

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