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Why Bottega Veneta deleted all its social media accounts

We all know Daniel Lee is exquisite and original when it comes to his ideas about fashion. He’s the industry’s true forerunner. Hence a versy surprising decision was made earlier today: Bottega Veneta’s social media accounts were deleted earlier today.
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Bottega Veneta deletes Instagram

Earlier today, Bottega Veneta deleted all of its social media acocunts, including Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. This move follows the newest direction of Daniel Lee, who choose only a very small incrowd to attend his Spring/Summer 2021 show, “Salon 01 London”.

Massive popularity

Under supervision of Lee, Bottega Veneta gained massive popularity. The square toe heels and padded cassette bags were fashion’s it-products of 2020. Every high end influencer owned at least one Bottega item.

Not only Bottega Veneta, but fashion in general heavily relies on social media success. It works two ways: both for communication with consumers as well as a marketing tool. So far, it’s unclear whether the fashion house will continue its influencer marketing program.

Instagram fatigue

Does Bottega Veneta’s move imply Instagram fatigue has hit the fashion industry? Other designers like Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen and Phoebe Philo have always been absent from the platform. Even Instagram’s biggest influencers Gigi Hadid, Selena Gomez and Ariana Grande took a well-needed break of their followers in 2020.

Concerning Lee’s background at Céline under the helm of Philo, Veneta’s withdrawal on social media doesn’t come as a surprise. Earlier Lee emphasized he was very happy to be raised on a pre-Instagram age. His love for the pre-social media era is real. Above all, his designs don’t need the platform’s approval to succeed.

To be continued.

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