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These are the hottest Korean fashion brands of the moment

Korea is booming and known for its fashion sense. Chances are big that the typical Korean way of dressing will dictate the upcoming trends. Therefore it’s about time to dive deeper into the hottest Korean fashion brands of the moment.
Cover photo: © LVIR Lookbook

Korean fashion brands

Seoul style is here to stay – and many Korean fashion brands seem to be aware of this. Among others, LVIR, Marge Sherwood and Low CLASSIC have expanded their succes outside their own boarders. Besides the amazing sense of style, the increasing popularity of Korean popculture has helped these brands gaining oversees influence as well. Korean fashion has slowly put itself on the same page as K-pop, K-beauty and kimchi. Looking at the brands listed below, we wonder why this didn’t happen earlier. Find our more about the most conveyed Korean fashion brands below.


LVIR is a Seoul-based contemporary brand of minimalist womenswear. The label seeks inspiration in loose silhouettes and strict lines of traditionally masculine apparel, thus expanding gender boundaries and confronting the mass-culture understanding of womanhood. Cozy and elegant sweaters that fit perfectly for both business trips and home recreation for beloved mothers and grandmothers. Trendy faux leather jackets and coats for bold outfits for girlfriends and sisters. 

korean fashion brands lvir
LVIR lookbook

Marge Sherwood

Marge Sherwood is a Korean brand of contemporary handbags recognized and represented worldwide. The philosophy behind the brand is to produce pieces that are both timeless and contemporary yet inspired by vintage aesthetics.

In the SS21 collection Marge Sherwood emphasizes simplified forms and minimalist details, putting the signature vibe into the spotlight with the expanded range of shades. Inspiration from the 00s fashion era reads in shapes and color combinations. A little bit of simplistic and rebellious aesthetics make the bags from the new collection more relaxed and playful for spring-summer outfits.

Marge Sherwood


Minimalistic silhouettes, lightweight textured fabrics, subdued colors – though the season is new, the collection remains strictly and recognizably in line with LE 17 SEPTEMBRE brand’s DNA. Flowing dresses, easy pants, loose shirts and tops, layering and wrapping styles – LE 17 SEPTEMBRE presents a foolproof wardrobe that resonates with brand’s devoted customer-base all around the world.

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Drawing inspiration from classic menswear, DRAE’s collections expose a new standard for femininity, the one embodied in clean-lined silhouettes and androgynous tailoring in neutral palette colors and shades. In its collections, DRAE comes with a pure knowledge of Balance, so much needed in the times of turbulence, pressure and corroding uncertainty. Combining exceptional craftsmanship with ageless aesthetics, DRAE’s sartorial staples embody a sense of timelessness.

Low Classic

LOW CLASSIC with its modern minimalist aesthetic, bases its primary philosophy on the coexistence of classism and wit, and seeks to express feminine beauty and simplicity through young, creative fashion. LOW CLASSIC is establishing its voice as a new designer label by utilizing chic fabrics, classic silhouettes, and innovative detail. The collection focuses on the utilitarian, ready-to-wear design, with original mediums developed each season, aspiring a natural elegance that is simple, yet not plain.

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