Catherine Deneuve

Feminist Catherine Deneuve isn’t afraid of sharing her opinion

The facts about feminist Catherine Deneuve: not many women can say they’ve been acting for more than 50 years and played in at least 100 movies with demanding and unconventional moviemakers. Add a healthy dose of feminism and a strong opinion on everything that’s important today and you’ve got the recipe for the one and only Catherine Deneuve. Read everything about her younger life, movements she’s joined and started and her love for fashion.

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Catherine Deneuve

Feminist Catherine Deneuve actually didn’t dream about a career in acting, while her sister, Francoise Dorléac, did. It was Dorléac who introduced her to the scene, when they needed someone to play her sister in a movie. Deneuve did an audition and got hired. When her sister past away at a tragic car accident, Deneuve knew she wanted to make her living of acting.

She got famous at age 21, when she played at a famous musical, Les Paraluies de Charbourg, of Jacques Demy. After this role, she played many others as the mysterious beauty and other complex characters.

Love for fashion

Deneuve knew how to enchant many people with her characters, including Yves Saint Laurent. When he dressed her for the movie Belle de jour, they immediately has a special connection and here love for fashion started at that point.

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She views fashion as more than just clothes. She loves unique materials and fabrics and the way it makes her feel. “Nothing can beet the sensational feeling of soft silk on your skin.”

Her career in fashion started with this friendship. After doing several campaigns for Yves Saint Laurent, she also debuted for Louis Vuitton and Chanel, to name a few. She was and still is the symbol of femininity and elegance.


As a true feminist, Catherine Deneuve isn’t afraid to speak up about political issues. In 1971 she signed the petition Manifeste de 343, in which well-known women stated they’d undergone an illegal abortion and opted for legalization. Her openness is fascinating and it still typifies her. Lately, she wrote an open letter to Le Monde against the #MeToo movement. Together with 99 other women she stated that they thought it was patronizing and didn’t do anything for today’s independent and feminist women. After tons of negative comments, she wrote another letter that was printed in Liberation. She stated that she doesn’t approve any form of sexual harassment and apologized only to the victims of such actions.

We can say Deneuve is still the young and militant spirit as at the beginning of her career. And she is here to stay: at the end of 2018, a new movie directed by André Téchiné will hit the movie theatres. Never have a dull moment with this lady.

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