Versace's new collection

Versace’s new collection: from Donatella’s tribute to Gianni to her political message

Versace’s new collection – Sequins, prints, glitters and feminism: Donatella Versace proves that glamour and a progressive mind-set go hand-in-hand. After being the front-women of the brand for more than 20 years, her latest collections do not only rock, but also seem to tell a story. Read everything about it below.

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Gianni Versace

The show of Versace’s new collection was legendary: it had all top notch fashion models of the moment and it was a tribute to Gianni Versace. All bold prints and silhouettes were based on Gianni’s archive from the early nineties. At the closing, Donatella’s voice-over was loud and clear: the show was the celebration of an icon, a genius: her brother Gianni. Besides being an ode to Gianni, the show also marked the end of an era: Donatella has found her own, new way of designing and is ready to show it to the world.

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Political message

Donatella thinks she owes the world to send a political message with her brand. every one does, according to her. Women in fashion should stand up. She likes the way Maria Grazia Chiuri (Valentino, red.) works, since she is a true feminist. Another famous example is Stella McCartney. With her conscious fashion label, she was ahead of everyone else in the fashion scene. Donatella herself uses her fashion shows to send a message about power, loyalty and equality.

The typical Versace woman

While during the eighties sex appeal was most important for Versace, now the brand focuses on openness and understanding. The brand has become more subdued over the past years, as far as possible for a brand that distinguishes itself with medusa heads. Donatella aims to design clothes for strong, intellectual and intelligent women. Despite this, she thinks there is nothing wrong with being sexy. The thing is: the view on sexy has changed. You don’t longer need high heels to be sexy; flats work as well. “Sex appeal isn’t dependent on appearance anymore; it rather comes from the inside. That is the biggest difference when you compare the 2018 Versace to the brand during the eighties”, according to Donatella.

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Donatella’s successor

After 20 years Donatella is still going strong. Stronger than ever before, if you ask us. The power woman knows how to make a difference in the fashion scene. a lot has happened since Gianni past away and she managed to make the brand even bigger that is has ever been. However, she thinks about a appropriate successor a lot. She would love to share her ideas about Versace with a younger creative mind. However, there is no successor yet and Dontella is here to stay for the upcoming time. That’s a fact we like a lot.

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