tiktok fashion trends

5 TikTok fashion trends you actually want to give a try

Not the runways, but Gen Z predict fashion latest viral trends. While not all their fashion splurges are SFW, there are some you should give a try.
Cover photo: Pexels

TikTok fashion trends

After the explosion of TikTok during quarantine it was to be expected that this seemingly new platform would become home to the latest fashion trends. That is, it might become more influential than classic runway shows. Therefore, it’s time to do a deep dive into the biggest TikTok fashion trends – but only those you would like to give a try.

1. Head scarf

Seen at Dior, but the ones you see on the streets are definitely inspired by TikTok. The trend went viral together with the revival of Mike Posner’s ‘Please Don’t Go’, on which TikTok users knot their scarfs around their head while driving. Definitely not safe, but giving it a try while at a parking lot is. Certainly one of the biggest TikTok fashion trends.

2. Tiny sunglasses

A trend evokes by Bella Hadid, adopted by influencers and exploded on TikTok. Fashion influencers gazing over their tiny sunglasses, looking very bored, may belong to the past – the tiny sunglasses definitely don’t.

3. Dad hats

After the dad sneakers – and Leonardo Dicaprio’s dad bod – the dad hat is a fact. Wearing a baseball cap hasn’t ever been more fashionable. When Celine’s Hedi Slimane incorporates jeans ánd dad hats in his collection, you know it’s a trend to take seriously.

4. The tube top

Carrie Bradshaw could pull-off a tube top every now and then, but would she still be today? The answer is yes. Of course Emily Ratajkowski opts for a tiny version, but bigger ones are available as well.

5. E-girl hair

This might be the most risky trend, hence perfectly suited for a reemergence after lockdown or quarantine. E-girl hair involves some practise and is mostly advised to be done by a professional hairdresser. Are you brave enough to try TikTok’s latest hair trend?

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