NYNNE spring summer 2022

NYNNE is welcoming a new era with a fresh spring/summer 2022 collection

Graduated in 2018, NYNNE has become a household name in the Scandinavian fashion scene. With her incredible sense of style, eye for detail, and sense of relevancy, the young designer has created an optimistic spring/summer 2022 collection and we had a quick chat with her during Copehagen Fashion Week. “Now it’s time to look forward.”
Cover photo: courtesy of NYNNE

NYNNE spring/summer 2022

Female empowerment, sustainability, and eccentric styles perfectly merge at NYNNE’s latest collections. The same holds for the young designer’s spring/summer drop: it’s a blend of fresh hues, airy silhouettes, and modern classics.

Vivid fuchsia pinks, tangerine oranges, and baby blue coexist alongside the basics that prove to be eternally essential. These color combinations reflect the sense of renewed energy that the world is feeling, with personal expression and the celebration of dressing up receiving a welcome return.

“We create pieces that are meant to be worn in the most versatile way possible, giving the customer the chance to dress up or dress down,” Kunde explained at her Copenhagen Fashion Week presentation. With this approach, NYNNE champions a less-is-more approach that centers around a capsule of pieces that come with seasonal updates. For example, this season vivid colors played a major role. “The palette is dominated by vivid fuchsia pinks, tangerine oranges, and a baby blue leather coat, coexisting alongside the basics that prove eternally essential: brilliant white, classic black, and enduring neutral tones. These color combinations reflect the sense of renewed energy that the world is feeling, with personal expression and the celebration of dressing up receiving a welcome return,” Kunde explained. Despite the new twists and colors, the Diana dress sticks to its signature shape. “I have always loved our Diana dress. It has been in every collection since I started and has become our signature piece.  However, this season I have introduced a leather coat made up of my preferred baby blue. Definitely my favorite piece this season,” says Kunde.

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A sexy spin on timeless classics

What’s new, and striking this season, are the evocative open-back fits pieced together with gold chains and those with an eye for detail will also notice the inclusion of subtle NYNNE logo detailing incorporated throughout. On other pieces, matte studs form a sleek design detail. Overall, this collection shows how both designer Nynne Kunde and her eponymous brand are evolving.

Likewise, the expressive accompanying film, inspired by the rebirth of Venus and acting as a metaphor for the place the world finds itself in. “For my Spring Summer 22 film, I took inspiration from the Birth of Venus, as a comment on where the world currently stands. Looking at the now as a moment for reflection and rebirth for all. I also took inspiration from the paintings’ representation of the female form – a long-standing theme within my designs is to honor curves and create items that suit all body types. For me, whilst fashion must be inspiring, it ultimately must be wearable.”

Kunde drew inspiration from the work of 20th-century design-duo, artists Christo and Jeanne-Claude, namely their early Nighties work, The Umbrellas, for the presentation set up. “Like the rest of the world, NYNNE is welcoming a new era. And now it’s time to look forward. This season the team and I looked to our customer as the muse rather than going back to the drawing board in terms of concept. We looked at bestsellers and built from there to create a collection of separates that would be interchangeable with our prior collections to make the perfect capsule. Our woman shops sustainability so she’s looking for products that have a timeless elegance for her to wear for years to come.”

Discover the NYNNE spring/summer 2022 film below.

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