the garment fall winter 2022

The Garment fall/winter 2022: a breath-taking collection dedicated to Danish heritage

The Garment has once again nailed a timeless yet relevant collection for fall/winter 2022. When looking at the guest list and front row, their very first runway show proved the label’s relevance. Sophia Roe and Charlotte Eskildsen: ‘We were heavily inspired by Danish interior.’
Cover photo: © The Garment

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The Garment fall/winter 2022

The Garment AW 22 is a tribute to the Danish Mid-century design heritage. The Creative duo Sophia Roe and Charlotte Eskildsen joined forces just before the pandemic hit the world. “We literally design by intuition – At the end, it often comes down to emotions when creating the collection. This collection is engaging with our personal content – we see it as an expression of our singular aesthetic and minimalistic approach to design. Starting up during strange times makes you go back to your roots,“ Charlotte Eskildsen, co-founder of The Garment and founder and founder and creative director of Designers, Remix, explains. Sophia Roe, adds right after the show: “In Danish houses, you usually find one centerpiece, a true interior show stopper that’s precious to the owners. It’s kept for a lifetime, and that’s exactly what we wish to achieve with The Garment. We want to create clothes that last a lifetime and will be cherished for a lifetime.”

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Best looks

This design starting point led to a collection with a timeless appeal, including a modern edge. After isolation, a body-hugging dress is all you need. Low-rise pants and micro skirts are just as relevant. We’ve listed the best looks of The Garment fall/winter 2022 show below. Watch, get inspired, and choose wisely – a personal note from Sophia.