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Sustainable fashion guide #4 – vintage treasures

Today, fashion is moving more rapidly than ever. We live in a special era in which opportunities to change the fashion industry are countless. That doesn’t come as a total surprise, since change is needed tremendously. Besides the industry-changes that need to be made, there are many things you can do yourself. In this series, therefore, we guide you through the most common ways to buy more thoughtfully, sustainably and ethically. After all, your search for sustainable fashion should be fun. Let’s kick-ff with a not so new phenomenon: vintage fashion.

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Sustainable fashion

Sustainable fashion has become more than the next hype. Big retailers, high fashion labels and many customers have reached the point on which they acknowledge the huge influence of the fashion industry on our planet.

More and more sustainable concepts pop-up. Take Ikigai Labels, for example: a melting pot of sustainable brands of all kind. You’ll find fancy made to order items, as well as more accessible garments (for every budget). We recently interviewed Helene Oudman, the creative mind behind this concept. According to her, “there’s a lot to win in the fashion industry.

However, fast fashion companies still offer low priced items while keeping up with the latest trends. Zara adds new items every week and adidas’s NEO line is designed, produced and delivered to stores within only one month. These types of actions are typical for the industry.

Therefore it’s about time to be more aware of your own shopping behavior. Let us guide you through it.

Vintage treasures

Now that the fashion industry is under fire for its pollution, recycling clothes has become more popular than ever. Despite this, vintage fashion has always been a thing. We’ve always looked back at past decades with feelings of melancholy. Everything used to be better back in the days. On top of this, today’s big trends all refer to earlier ones of the past centuries. That vintage would never go out of fashion, was already familiar to girlboss Sophia Amoruso. This successful business woman based her entire multi-million business on vintage clothing.

Nowadays, Instagram is a good source when hunting for a vintage treasure. For example, the New York-based Awoke Vintage hunts for the best items and sells these both via their Instagram account and brick-and-mortar stores. Online sites such as Designer Vintage and Vintage United let consumers sell their own vintage designer treasures on their platforms. Where the shopping experience lacks a little, the feeling of a perfect Chanel jacket from the ’90s is unbeatable. Why should we buy new when there’s so much good vintage stuff? Besides this, when investing in the right pieces, they will only become worth more.

Vintage shops

So, where to go shopping for these hidden treasures? You might want to take a look at the stores below. Most of them run a webshop as well.

1. Vintage United
2. Designer Vintage
3. Awoke Vintage
4. Procell
5. Nina Gabbana Vintage
6. 23 Park Place
7. Avec Desire Vintage
8. Mirth Vintage

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