Fashion brand Sies Marjan

Designer brand Sies Marjan: the bold ready-to-wear label that isn’t afraid of color

Designer brand Sies Marjan – All ready-to-wear collections of Sander Lak’s label Sies Marjan have guts, together with a downtown feeling. Playing with surprising combinations of colors and fabrics, every collection so far has been one of the highlights of New York Fashion Week. Read everything about the designer, his love for colors and everything you want to know about this cheerful brand below.

Designer brand Sies Marjan

While born in Brunei, Sander Lak grew up and studied in The Netherlands, after which he did a master at the prestigious Central Saint Martins in London. He started working at Phillip Lim, as the menswear designer, after which he worked for Balmain and Dries van Noten, to name a few.

World of color

New York Fashion Week, February 2016: the big start of Sander Lak’s designer brand Sies Marjan, named after his parents. He debuted with a collection full of soft colors and – even more striking – without any black items. That has been hunting the young designer ever since. New York Times wrote that Lak “still swears off black”, while this wasn’t a statement at all.

Where an average designer needs years to set foot in the fashion scene, Lak made every worthwhile fashion personality remember his name after one single appearance at New York Fashion Week – we can say he hosted the most buzzed-about fashion show.

No muse

Lak doesn’t have a muse – he thinks having one is old-fashioned. Neither he has an answer to the question about what inspires him for his collections. He simply doesn’t work that way. Instead, he is led by colors and his gut feeling. Give him a color pallet and he gets inspired. Colors evoke emotions and emotions are very important in fashion. If he would just be inspired by an exhibition and base his entire collection on it, he would be “bored very soon”. Therefore, colors remain the main element in his collections. Very refreshing in a world in which black is the dominated color in many fashion collections. 

The style of Sies Marjan

The style of Sies Marjan is multifaceted: colorful, minimalistic, bold, eye for detail and refreshing. A recurring theme in every collection is proportion play and combining contrasting colors. As soon as you see the garments, you know the woman who wears it is nonchalant, stylish, tasteful and – of course – not afraid of color.

Girlfriend Project

Who better to use for your campaign that those who were there since the very beginning? The ones who supported you when you needed them? That’s correct, Lak hits the right button with his “Girlfriends project”: a project for which photographer Kacper Kasprzyk photographed Lak’s best friends wearing his clothes. The realness of the pictures depict everyday life. It corresponds with Lak’s view on clothes: form follows function. Because of his experience with designing menwear, he knows how important fit is. Therefore, he strives to create clothes that you both love to buy and love to wear in daily life. It is about realness and quality. Something we can’t get enough of.

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