Fashion brand Hund Hund

Fashion brand Hund Hund: the radical transparent brand for women, men and dogs

Fashion brand Hund Hund – A minimalistic aesthetic, timeless designs, sustainable fabrics, ethical processes and fashion for women, men and dogs: this pretty sums up what fashion label Hund Hund is about. Their formula is to offer minimalistic yet appealing garments of good quality for a reasonable price. It is not overdone to say that this label closes the gap between conventional collections from brands like Acne Studios, Filippa K, COS and expensive eco fashion collections. Read more about this transparent Berlin-based fashion brand below.

Cover photo: © @hundvonhund, Instagram

The designers

What do dog fashion and radical transparency have in common? They are both part of the fashion brand Hund Hund and foster a new way of consciousness within the fashion industry. The idea of Hund Hund originated in India, when fashion designer Isabel Kücke met the Australian filmmaker Michael Hoole. Kücke went to India during her studies, where she worked for Prada, Louis Vuitton and Kenzo. She did en embroidery internship and felt a big pressure because of the reoccurring fashion week rushes. After she graduated, she traveled to India to start her own embroidery label. She immediately changed the working conditions for her staff, compared to what’s common for workers in India.

However, both Kücke and Hoole wanted to do something different and their fashion brand Hund Hund was born. They went back to Europe and started the fashion label in Berlin.

Radical transparency

The main theme of Hund Hund is radical transparency. Not only concerning the production process and locally produced fabrics, but also concerning the price of their garments. Next to each piece on their website, they state how the price is determined and where the fabrics and other components come from. For their collections, the designers make use of textile remainders to make sure nothing is wasted. About 70% of their collection is made from textile leftovers.

Furthermore, their clothes and dog accessories are only sold at their own web shop, since they are able to offer a reasonable price by doing so. Their aim of to make affordable, ethical, transparent and sustainable fashion, available for everyone. Exactly what was missing in the fashion industry.


For their collections, the designers of Hund Hund use a lot of tencel; a material that consumes only 5% of water compared to cotton. In line with this sustainable mind set, they also don’t work according to the fashion season cycles. On the contrary, they have little ‘drops’ in which they release new clothes, which can be seen as mini-collections. This is in line with the principle of no sale: the clothes are very timeless and minimalistic and designed to be worn for several years. They can be seen as ethical basics everyone should have in their wardrobe. Too keep the customers coming back, they released eight mini-collections over the past three months. Despite of the timeless of every garment, people want to be surprised wit newness.

Another great fact about the clothes: almost every garment is unisex.


So, what do dogs have to do with this? When the designers used to live in India, they fed the street dogs, since they both really like dogs.

Kücke felt a bit scared about having her own fashion brand and therefore wanted to add something fun to it. That is how they came up with the dog toys and leashes. It suits the brand and shares the same transparency as the clothing lines do. And despite of this, who doesn’t love dogs?

Quite impressive, don’t you think? We think fashion brand Hund Hund should conquer the fashion world with its ideals and rule-breaking way of working. To support the brand, check out the website:


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