shit model management

Shit model management shows fashion’s true racism

Shit model management wouldn’t be the first name when brainstorming for a great agency name. An anonymous model thought so too, and therefore she created a parodic Instagram feed full of memes that display fashion’s true racism. And for good cause: the woman behind this hilarious yet painful Instagram account now created a T-shirt to support the NAACP.
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Shit model management

While slightly unknown until a few weeks, Shit Model Management has shook up the fashion industry since 2016. While having a glamorous reputation and jet set image, the fashion industry is also known for its exploitation and discrimination of those who don’t fit in. The Instagram account offers a sarcastic look behind the scenes. From eating disorders in order to becoming a Celine model to shoes that weren’t made for walking.

Racism in the fashion industry

Lately, the account has focused on exploitation and discrimination in the fashion industry. Models of color finally start to use their (anonymous) voice. And it was about time. White hair and make-up artists who don’t know how to treat black skin and handle frizzy hair have become the norm. Photographers who demand dark skin tones to be lightened in photoshop as well. And then we haven’t even talked about how often black models are merely ‘tokens’ to a brand.

To shed light on these problems, the anonymous model behind Shit Model Management started to raise money for NAACP, to foster true change. When the anonymous girl started modelling, her colleagues – including herself – were afraid to stand up and speak out. In April 2016, she was fed up with the current situation and therefore started the Instagram account. Now that the conversation is happening, she told Dazed, the model is happy. It’s the conversation the fashion industry needed for years. She’s happy to provide a platform on which models (of color) can speak out. Her main goal is to make it harder for people in the industry to sneak away with mistreatment and exploitation.

Racism needs to end. Therefore, she recently developed a T-shirt to support The NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund in support of George Floyd and Black Lives Matter. And who doesn’t want to be a “shit model” these days? Order the T-shirt via Shit Model Management’s link in bio.

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