ronan Bouroullec

Discover the calming work of Ronan Bouroullec

The Paris-based Ronan Bouroullec is such an artist you definitely recognize by his incredible work. Whether you call him an artist or designer – he personally doesn’t really seem to care – talented he definitely is. Discover his – calming – work below.
Cover photo: © Unsplash

Ronan Bouroullec

Designer, artist and most of all creative talent Ronan Bouroullec usually operates together with his brother, Erwan Bouroullec. The two brothers form a powerful designhouse together. Over the past twenty years, they have been working together on many everyday objects, giving them a little schwung and simple forms. However, the colorful drawings are solely created by Ronan Bouroullec himself.

When working on his paintings, his subcounscious takes over, as the designer and artist told Frieze in an interview. Drawing is an integral part of his life. Bouroullec told the journalist that could stop creating objects, but will never stop drawing. And while you might expect him to have a very structured personality, he admitted he hasn’t.

Calming effect

Earlier we wrote how art can have a calming effect on the mind and how it works against anxiety. Ronan Bouroulec uses his paintings to reach a place of “self-hypnose”. Before starting on a painting, he doesn’t know what it will look like. When drawing smooth lines, he doesn’t know where those lines will end and interfere. “It’s a practice that’s very free, not organized,” he told Frieze. And exactly this effect when creating a drawing, is transferred to the viewer of the piece of art.

For Bouroullec, drawing has nothing to do with work. He preferably does it at nighttime, when there’s nothing else to do. According to him, it’s a form of meditation. Check out our favorite works below and take a moment to discover their calming effect.

Some of his designs are available via Twentytwentyone.

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