prada ss23

Prada SS23 goes back to basics and taps into Be Real fanbase

Who needs picture-perfect, when it’s Prada? Unlike Prada’s latest collection full of bedazzled skirts, famous it-pieces like the logo tanktop, and cheerful models, the Prada SS23 collection has a more realistic approach to life.
Cover image: courtesy of Prada

Prada SS23

‘Life and humanity crafts the clothes—not a superficial embellishment, but traces of living, leaving marks. This idea of clothes shaped by humanity excites us,’ said Miuccia Prada pre-show. The collection was to some extent centered around modesty. As a consequence, simple paper seemed to be the right material to use not only to create the setting but also as the basis for many of the collection’s dresses. In greater detail, the ‘paper’ dresses were creased, prints left white edges and even some bags looked like they were cut from paper.  Intentional rifts, twists, creases, and folds capture a spontaneity, like memories of beauty embedded in the clothes – representing creative freedom. The lines between day and eveningwear blur as a gesture of liberation. As a consequence, [olarities are explored between minimalism and decoration, occasion and every day – as in life, in reality, unanticipated dichotomies are observed, explored, and embraced. 

Fashionable early adopters will definitely see the beauty in it; the ones who are used to bolder fashion statements were sent home disappointed. Whichever team you’re on, the collection was innovative without a doubt. Most of all, the Prada SS23 collection seems like a response to the zeitgeist, partly fulfilling the need to be at home on the one hand, and out and about on the other hand. Yet again, simplicity proves to be key – and Miuccia knows how to pull it off best.

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