photographer Kelsey McClellan

The peacefull color-coordinated work of photographer Kelsey McClellan

Photographer Kelsey McClellan isn’t new in the scene. This talented photographer uses daily objects and situations and captures these in a very esthetic way. McClellan is able to capture the most cheezy snacks in a classy way. She snaps the snacking moments we all know, but usually don’t dwell upon. But McClellan does more than photographing food, she color coordinates daily situation in ways you’ve never seen before.

Cover photo: Kelsey McClellan on Instagram

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Photographer Kelsey McClellan

When she was 14 years, photographer Kelsey McClellan got her first camera and directly knew she wanted to become a photographer. She started to experiment with shutter speed and taking the same photo at different times of the day. This led to a series of photos that changed her life. After photographing for fun, she studied at Columbus College of Art & Design. She graduated in 2012 and has been a full-time photographer ever since. With jobs for The New York Times Magazine, Wired and the New Yorker, she’s become a much wanted photographer.

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It didn’t come as a surprise that photographer Kelsey McClellan would become successful. When looking at her portfolio, she’s shot some very original series.

Overly styled trees

One of her earlier series is about overly styled trees – topiaries – in San Fransisco. She got fascinated with them while living there. She simply shoots the trees she likes and luckily, San Fransisco is full of them.

Photographer Kelsey McClellan emphasizes the importance of conducting own projects (apart from commercial ones) as a photographer. They’re necessary to make clear what your identity is. With her tree series McClellan shows she’s able to capture the beauty of daily objects within her home town. While many hate topiaries, she makes them look artistic.

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Wardrobe snacks

Later on, McClellan moved on to food. she likes to photograph food, since it’s both very photogenic and often delicious to eat. With food photography, you create situation that everybody can relate to. And that’s exactly what she accomplished with her ‘Wardrobe snacks’-series: we all know those moments when you’re snacking on the go. While it’s not classy, sometimes it’s necessary. Photographer Kelsey McClellan knows how to deal with this. In her series ‘Wardrobe snacks’ McClellan captured those (midnight) not so classy snack moments, in a very classy way.

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The Wardrobe snacks series have a very calming effect on the mind, because we can all recognize these moments, but not in this way. The color coordination makes your brain work. Photographer Kelsey McClelland explained to designboom: “They’re informal — perhaps even a bit awkward — spaces as far as eating is concerned.” She adds: “Yet the diner always appears to be comfortable and perfectly satisfied with his chosen snack, almost zen-like.” We couldn’t agree more. Check out photographer Kelsey McClellan’s work below.

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Source: designboom, pixsoulmag