Photographer Lorena Lohr

Photographer Lorena Lohr and her fascination for desolate places

Photographer Lorena Lohr – Meet Lorena Lohr. It all started with a cheap film camera 10 years ago. Right now she travels around the United States, capturing objects and compositions that wouldn’t catch your attention at first sight. However, Lorena Lohr seems to be able to make every little corner, soiled alley or not so photo genetic place very artistic.

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Untitled, 2017, from the series Texas Blue

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Unique compositions

When Lorena Lohr was a teenager, she felt the urge to capture her teenage life. Rather than capturing the people that surrounded her, she photographed rooms and other spaces.

Her work seems to be carefully composed. However, this isn’t the true: Lohr rather works in a continuous flow, in which she captures arrangements as how they appear to her. Everything she captures is a present composition. Her photos vary from private settings to streets and buildings. Everything she sees can inspire her. She definitely has the capability to see the beauty in everyday objects.

Furthermore, the young photographer is attracted to pairs of things. She likes to capture motifs and it’s just something she notices wherever she goes. It is the simplicity and the sense of drowsiness that appeals to her.


Her photos define themselves by subtle colors and palettes. However, there’s some kind of seriousness about it. According to Lohr, these muted colors aren’t on purpose. It simply does appeal more to her and she think they might speak louder than, for example, pop colors.

No stories

When photographing, she doesn’t have a concept of predefined story in mind. The pictures she takes come to her naturally and she likes to work that way. She thinks through images, not through concepts.

Texas Palms, 2011

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In line with no concept, she doesn’t have a muse either. When thinking of someone or something that inspires her, she talks about medieval art from around 1400-1500. When taking photos, she often tries to imagine how a big painter like Memling would have captured the scene. Quite an interesting inspirer, if you ask us.

Untitled, 2016

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As a photographer Lorena Lohr will continue taking great photographs of remote places, everyday compositions and desolate places. According to us, she is here to stay. Go to to check out her latest collections.


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