Paris Fashion Week update #8 – Chanel, Miu Miu and Louis Vuitton

Paris Fashion Week Spring Summer 2020 has officially come to an end. Therefore, we present to you the last shows, designers and emerging trends. This update: Chanel, Miu Miu and Louis Vuitton.

Cover photo: Unsplash

Paris Fashion Week

Paris Fashion Week is full of great designers and shows. Since its hard to stay up-to-date with its great amount of shows, we’re delighted to keep you posted. Check out the schedule of all fashion weeks here and the complete Paris Fashion Week schedule here.


Virginie Viard showed her very first ready to wear collection at Paris Fashion Week. After a phenomenal haute couture show earlier this year, we’re delighted to see how Viard translates Chanel’s heritage into a better and more modern version of itself.

Viard’s Spring/Summer 2020 collection felt very fashion forward, including a couple of streetwear hints. Some looks even reminded us of Off-White’s signature stripes. Furthermore, tweed playsuits, shorts and other semi-casual depicted the perfect outfit for an enviable young woman. Overall the collection was refreshing, new and very Chanel at the same time. Viard shows she exactly knows how to create her own signature while staying true to the heritage of the brand.

At the end of the show, there was a French YouTuber who thought it was about time to hit the stage. Dressed up as mademoiselle Coco Chanel herself, she walked the runway like it was her habitat. While the security guards were not amused, we couldn’t do anything but chuckle. This girl possesses the courage Viard depicts with this collection. Good job.

Miu Miu

Miuccia Prada created a playful collection for Miu Miu. One the first sight it might have looked formal, but with a second look you could easily discover its playfulness.

Miuccia Prada is an outspoken feminist and member of an Italian communist party. Where Prada has been very outspoken about politics and her opinion on society, this collection shows some humbleness. In an interview earlier this year, Prada said “How can one know all cultures”, referring to the mistakes made by Gucci and Prada herself, both in form of blackface-related scandals.

Well, one doesn’t have to know all cultures, unless you use them as the main source of inspiration for a fashion collection. Prada seemed to have learned her lesson, with a very gentle Spring/Summer 2020 collection. Oversized shapes, quirky flower prints and nonchalant cardigans showed we shouldn’t take fashion too serious.

May it be a silent protest, then? Maybe, maybe not. Overall, the collection adds joy to your average days, so let’s settle for it.

Louis Vuitton

Just like Hedi Slimane for Celine, Nicolas Ghesquière went back to the ’70s. Driven by ’70’s silhouettes, costumes, volumes and patterns, he created a very innovative collection for Louis Vuitton.

The collection was very outspoken and extravagant. This isn’t striking at all, since the entire collection was inspired by contemporary artist Sophie’s “It’s okay to cry” – which is, well, quite extra. The video clip of the song was displayed on the biggest screen you’ve ever seen. The audience couldn’t help but wondering about the meaning behind the combination of the song and Ghesquière’s collection. Take the chorus, for example:

I can see the truth through all the lies
And even after all this time
Just know you’ve got nothing to hide
It’s okay to cry

This may reference the new path Ghesquière recently entered. After being a serious man for over 15 years at Balenciaga, Ghesquière has finally learned to laugh in public. He seems to feel comfortable at where he is right now. Furthermore, Ghesquière isn’t very open about his political preferences. Hence, he knows what many of us value most: freedom. Let freedom exactly be the focal point of this entire show. The diverse outfits, models and the song by a contemporary artists.

According to Ghesquière, the world has to be mixed and we should put fear aside. The result? A very extravagant, colorful and playful world in which it’s okay to cry.

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