Paris Fashion Week update #7 – Stella McCartney, Sacai and Alexander McQueen

Paris Fashion Week Spring Summer 2020 is still going strong. We are delighted to keep you posted on the best shows, promising designers and emerging trends. This update: Stella McCartney, Sacai and Alexander McQueen.

Cover photo: Unsplash

Paris Fashion Week

Paris Fashion Week is full of great designers and shows. Since its hard to stay up-to-date with its great amount of shows, we’re delighted to keep you posted. Check out the schedule of all fashion weeks here and the complete Paris Fashion Week schedule here.

Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney outdid herself with her most sustainable collection so far. And that’s not all: the evening before the show, McCartney hosted a sustainability roundtable about the future of fashion. Greta Thunberg’s speech was central to this and all guests were equally agreed upon the fact that the fashion industry has to change – the sooner the better.

But isn’t it strange that someone working in the fashion industry has to make this clear? For McCartney’s perspective, it isn’t. With her great influence, platform and being a role model for many in the scene, she is the perfect designated person to broach the subject. Now that McCartney is part of LVMH, it makes even more sense.

What followed the day after was a very sustainable and breath taking collection. As a feminist in heart and soul, McCartney used circles as a trademark, depicting both femininity and Mother Earth. Overall we can conclude that this Spring/Summer 2020 collection was very signature McCartney. Sporty influences were combined with chic tailoring and feminine touches. What makes it even better, is the fact that over 75% of the materials she used is eco-friendly.


Chitose Abe’s Sacai show made us thing of globalization, grunge and deconstruction. Three concepts that don’t seem to relate to each other, until you watch Sacai’s Paris Fashion Week show. Abe succeeded in creating a harmony of things that usually aren’t in balance at all.

The grungy looks were softened by the light and floating versus the heavier and soft fabrics. On top of this, harmony was created by deconstruction of several garments and making them into one new piece. Outfits that seemed to be composed of dresses, tench coats and top were actually jumpsuits. Against expectation, the collection felt very liberating.

Alexander McQueen

Sarah Burton’s show for Alexander McQueen exceeded our highest expectations. The collection felt very feministic, empowering and above all suited for the modern woman. Burton stated that the collection was based on some kind of quality time – both for each other and for the world.

On top of this, Stella McCartney would be proud of Burton. The latter upcycled lace, recycled many other materials from former collections and used old patterns from her predecessors. Furthermore, Burton used eco-friendly linen from a female-led farm in Ireland. Almost all materials were local and repurposed.

As if this isn’t yet enough, Burton created an outstanding collection. Chic dresses were alternated by some very fancy tailing we haven’t seen before.

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