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Paris Fashion Week update #5 – Comme des Garçons and Kwaidan Editions

Paris Fashion Week is fashion month’s cherry on the cake. The City of Love’s Fashion Week is home to many established names, juxtaposed with their younger colleagues. These younger counterparts often show their progressive view on fashion and sustainability, where established labels rely on their signature look and feel. This results in an interesting mix of designers, trends and cultures. Fashion Week translates the city into a melting pot of young and old, traditional and progressive and everything in between. Therefore, we provide daily updates about the shows, collections and the stories behind them. Today: Comme des Garçons and Kwaidan Editions.

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Paris Fashion Week

The great thing is that Paris Fashion Week is home to many female designers. Take for example Sarah Burton (Alexander McQueen, Claire Wright Keller (Givenchy), Stella McCartney and Virginie Viard (Chanel) – all great women who show during Paris Fashion Week. We can’t longer suppress our excitement. Luckily, we don’t have to, since PFW is in full force. Read everything about Comme des Garçons and Kwaidan Editions below.

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Comme des Garçons

Rei Kawakubo’s imagination got free play when creating this bizarre collection for her Comme des Garçons. Kawakubo always aims to create work that’s free form associations and surpasses everyone’s wildest dreams. While staying true to her way of working, it becomes more and more distinct from others. Where most designers make political statements with their collections and use their show to spread their opinions, Kawakubu stays far, far away from doing so.

There were over the top head pieces, big gowns and garments that reminded of furniture. Overall, it’s a very hard to catch collection, far from wearable. However, this is exactly the power of Comme des Garçons: creating jaw-dropping collections that leave the attendees confused.

After the show, the creative director sent an email to press, questioning whether it’s impossible or not to create something completely new, since we’re all living in this world. Well, today the designer showed it actually is possible. At least if you’ve got the imagination that Kawakubo has.

Kwaidan Editions

Kwaidan Edition’s three-year anniversary resulted in a great variety of envying looks. Despite this, Léa Dickely and Hung La are facing a declining fashion market. As independent designers, this can be threatening, mainly when you look at what happened to others recently. Top it with the coronavirus, making Paris Fashion Week emptier than ever before, these times are hard for starting brands.

Hence, Dickely and La are stronger than ever. La is currently in the lead of the company, where Dickely focuses on designs. And that worked out well: there were slim-lined jackets, a lot of metallic and classic tailoring with a twist. Just like you’d expect of Kwaidan, but then a little better. In just three years, Dickely and La have put Kwaidan Editions on the map as a reliable yet contemporary fashion label, developing quirky cool tailoring. Their signature items, such as wide pants and big coats, remain a hit. According to us, it shows they’re ready for the future – whatever it may bring.

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