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Milan Fashion Week schedule changes 2020 – an overview

The pandemic has hit the world in a cruel way – and the fashion industry couldn’t stay behind concerning the new normal. Therefore, many Fashion Week organizations decided to skip their real life editions this year. Rather, the new normal in fashion is online – without the fear of spreading an unwelcome virus. Find an overview of the changes made to Milan Fashion Week here.
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Milan Fashion Week

Just as Paris, Milan Fashion Week has announced to host a virtual event instead of its physical week. It doesn’t come as a surprise, since Italy has been hit hard. What did come as a surprise, though, is that Paris and Milan have swapped dates. Milan Fashion Week’s virtual edition will kick-off at July 14. The exact form of this digital edition remains unknown, but many hinted it will be centred around video content. Whether there will be live talks, shows or presentations, remains unknown.

Hence, we know that there will be virtual showrooms and panel discussions. Carlo Capasa, chairman of Camera Nazionale della Moda, states that this online event isn’t meant to replace Milan Fashion Week’s September edition. This online edition has the goal to boost the businesses of both small and big names in the scene. By letting designers present small collections, the board aims to encourage designers, buyers and consumers towards more sustainable behavior.

Milan Fashion Week July 14-17 2020

There’s no fashion week schedule yet – perhaps, this won’t even be necessary. Hopefully, the event will be full of live sessions, inspiring people and brands and lots of sustainable fashion. Capasa states that the event will offer a diverse view on fashion. Since it’s all online, designers aren’t free of limitations and can do whatever they like. Think of films, documentaries and such. Every designer gets fifteen minutes for his or her ‘show’.

Check out the official Milan Fashion Week schedule for July here.

Future plans

In September, tough, Milan Fashion Week will take place in its traditional, digital form. Despite we know that some designers will skip fashion week from now on, Camera Nazionale della Moda did choose to host a physical fashion week in September. To be continued.


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