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All fashion week schedule changes as known today [live blog]

Due to the pandemic, fashion week will never be the same again. What changes will be made and how will Fashion Week look like? Check it out below.

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Fashion Week 2020

Fashion Weeks might not go back to the “old normal”. However, that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Much-needed changes take place in a faster pace than we could image before the pandemic. Designers finally realize that they don’t have to keep up the fashion industry’s murdering pace, while creating ten collections a year. Indeed, for some designers this lockdown has a silver lining. All fashion week’s boards have been creative as well. Paris, Milan and London will host virtual fashion weeks for the very first time. New York leaves us in ignorance; we don’t know what to expect yet. Hence, some designers don’t like to wait and make their own plans. Find an overview below.

Paris Haute Couture Week, July 6-8, 2020

This digital edition of Paris Haute Couture Week is a heavy step for fashion’s most traditional event. However, many traditional couture designers have embraced the new normal and will show their Autumn/Winter 2020 collections. With a promising line-up with designers like Schirapelli, Iris van Herpen, Christian Dior, Chanel and Ronald van der Kemp, this not-so-traditional event is one to watch.

Check out the official Paris Haute Couture Week schedule here.

Paris Fashion Week, July 9 – 13, 2020

It all started with the Fédération de la Haute Couture et de la Mode announcing the cancellation of Paris Haute Couture Week. It came as a shock for the entire fashion industry at the end of March, when we couldn’t yet oversee how big the pandemic’s impact would be. FHCM explained it clearly: “In light of the spread of the Covid-19 epidemic worldwide, strong decisions are required to ensure the safety and health of houses, their employees, and everyone working in our industry.

Just as Milan Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week’s board quickly decided to host their next event online. As such, the first virtual fashion weeks were born. This week – themed Mode Masculine – will take place in July, starting on July 9. It has a firm construction, solely focusing on Menswear and solely using video, where both Milan’s and London’s editions will focus on the creativity and preferences of the participating designers. It looks like Paris Fashion Week men’s will just become a digitalized version of its traditional form. At this moment, there’s no big designer label that could confirm participation.

Unlike their July events, Paris Fashion Week will return IRL in September. Little is known so far, except that they will strictly maintain the current rules around hosting events and keeping distance. Designers and fashion creatives have to rethink the way in which they host a fashion show. Bigger venues, larger catwalks and less guests are just a few of the necessary adaptations. Paris Fashion Week will take place from September 28 until October 6.

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London Fashion Week, June 12 – 14, 2020

London Fashion Week will launch its digital format at June 12. Expect a gender-neutral platform with a mix of content: from videos to live shows to podcasts and more. Caroline Rush, the chief executive of the British Fashion Council, said that by creating a cultural and virtual platform, they adapt to the needs of today’s society. “It’s something to build on for the future,” she stated.

It hints to the – unknown – new normal for the fashion industry. Will all future fashion weeks will be held digitally? No one knows, but London is prepared. Expect podcasts, a designer Q&A or a virtual showroom, entirely based on what designers were able to create. Overall, this open platform leads to a more inclusive way of working. The fashion presentations aren’t solely reserved to the fashion inner circle anymore. Instead, these are open to the public. As they will create more awareness for stories behind garments and collections, they hopefully lead to more conscious consumer behavior in the near future.

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Changes New York Fashion Week 2020

The CFDA leaves us in ignorance about their September 2020 plans. Whether they will be fully canceled, adapted to an online version or entirely adjusted to social distancing norms – no one knows. However, some designers take the lead and decide for themselves. In Paris, Saint Laurent was the first designer house to announce they won’t be part of Paris’ online event. Rebel and pioneer of his kind Kerby-Jean Raymond announced to host a drive-in event in New York City. The occasion for this event is clear: in September the documentary of Raymond’s last collections for Pyer Moss will release. His documentary, named ‘American, also’, forms a welcome alternative to traditional fashion shows. The main point of focus – together with his collections – will be people of color and their representation in American society. Watch the trailer below.

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Milan Fashion Week, July 14 – 17, 2020

From July 14 to 17, Milan Fashion Week will take place in a digital format. Unlike Paris’ edition, this virtual version of Milan Fashion Week will be open to both mens and womenswear collections. Designers are welcomed to present their pre- and main season collections, in whatever format they like.

Milano Fashion Week Digital isn’t as innovative as it might look – or at least, they weren’t the first to host an online event. Earlier this year, Helsinki and Shanghai fashion weeks went digital as well. Hence, the digitalized version of London Fashion Week will take place at the beginning of June. During four days, Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana will show Italian fashion and design to the world, spreading it via their website and social media channels. In September, though, Milan Fashion Week will take place in real life.

Short after Milan announced its online event, Gucci made an even bigger announcement. From now on, the luxury house won’t longer follow the traditional fashion calendar. This is quite remarkable, since Gucci launched at least four collections a year. Creative Director Alessandro Michele hopes to create a new fashion cycle by doing so. Gucci’s shows therefore won’t be linked to seasons anymore, but will rather be linked to classical music. As always, Gucci is shrouded in mystery.

Find an overview of all Milan Fashion Week changes here and find the Milan Fashion Week’s schedule for July’s event here.

Stockholm Fashion Week, August 23 – 26, 2020

Stockholm Fashion Week has announced to host a digital event, from August 23 until August 26. During this event, sustainability and durability will be central topics. Last year, two editions were canceled by the Swedish Fashion Association, due to sustainability concerns. The Association didn’t want influencers, buyers, editors and others to fly around the globe to just attend a few shows.

A sympathetic initiative, if you ask us. In line with others, though, they will host a digital version. The schedule is still unknown, but they announced to host some live sessions and panel talks on sustainability. Furthermore, other shows and presentations will be recorded beforehand.

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