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Jil Sander launches resort 2021 collection right before take-off Milan Fashion Week

Right before the kickoff of Milan Fashion Week (which will take place at July 14), Jil Sander launched its Resort 2021 collection in its Milanese showroom. Jil Sander’s Lucie and Luke Meier crafted a collection that’s reflecting its zeitgeist – one that’s full of appreciation of thoughtfulness.
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Jil Sander Resort 2021

The pandemic has just reaffirmed Jil Sander’s Luke and Lucie Meiers’ beliefs. As advocates for a timeless appeal, thoughtful consumption and consistency when it comes to a brand’s values, they perfectly fit the current zeitgeist. Their Resort 2021 presentation, held in their showroom in Milan, proved again that the brand’s philosophy is sharp and on point. At Jil Sander, there’s no need for change.


Hence, the Meiers are know for their eye for detail and excessive focus on quality. Combine these pillars with pure craftsmanship and you’ve got a perfect description of their way of working. After their presentation, the duo told that during lockdown, they took the time to fine-tune every piece of the collection, resulting in super strong items. Since the typical Jil Sander woman values well made items, great design and strong fabrics, Luke and Lucie Meier are pretty sure their way is the right one. According to them, people will hopefully consume less, but better. And when consuming better, the label Jil Sander comes to mind.


Daily life dressing

Where resort collections usually contain lots of occasion-wear, this collection felt more approachable and down-to-earth. With borders being closed and travel warnings all around the world, the designer duo focus on day-to-day wear rather than occasional dressing. “Certain decisions were made through the lens of what would we need or want in the immediate future,” they explained after the presentation.

After all, many designers can learn from this artistic duo. Their powerful designs, timeless aesthetics and eye for quality are more relevant today than they’ve ever been before. And showing those skills and qualities right before Milan Fashion Week’s take-off only emphasizes the brand’s strength.

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