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Fashion news week 28 – Naomi Campbell’s powerful speech, Jacquemus’ new strategy and more

Looking for the latest fashion news? In this weekly section we provide you with the latest product drops, brand collaborations, fashion week news and other important topics you should know about. Today: week 28 including Naomi Campbell’s phenomenal speech. Gabriela Hearst joining Paris Fashion Week and Jacquemus’ new strategy.
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Fashion news

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1. Naomi Campbell opens Paris Haute Couture Week

Yet again, Haute Couture proves itself to be a white-dominated industry. “Like Mandela said: action without vision, is only passing time. Vision without action, is what you call a daydreamer. But vision with action, can change the world,” Campbell stated at the start of her speech, hinting towards the current Black Lives Matter Movement. She highlighted that we have a long way to go, despite that’s 2020. According to Campbell, Paris Haute Couture Week marked the perfect start for uniting and creating change. Check out her full speech below.

2. Gabriela Hearst joins Paris Fashion Week

Despite its digital format, Paris Fashion Week is on the rise. After many other American designers joined Fashion Week in the city of love (we’re talking to you, Thom Browne and Reese Cooper), Gabriela Hearst is the next to swap New York Fashion Week for Paris’ edition. In a press release, Hearst wrote: “When we started to assess with the team what the best course of action was to navigate the ever-changing landscape as a result of the pandemic, we realized that for many reasons it became increasingly clear that we will have to present in Paris from an environmental perspective and from a logistics and transportation perspective.

The decision doesn’t come as a surprise, since Hearst opened a showroom and home in Paris in 2018. The brand estimates that showing in Paris will reduce its carbon footprint, with factories in Italy. Above all, the designer has always dreamed of showing in Paris, just like any other designer. Therefore, “a dream came true”.

3. Jacquemus Spring/Summer 2021

Today Jacquemus revealed his new strategy in a personal Instagram post. The designer acknowledges that his pace and carbon footprint should lower. “I’m happy to announce our new collection and show « L’amour », a year ago we decided to slow down our cycle by showing womenswear and menswear together in January and June. This allows us to reduce the number of shows, mutualize fabrics for menswear and womenswear and slower the pace for my team and partners. More than a creative choice, it’s a sustainable model we believe in and that works for us.

Hopefully others will follow soon.

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